Resources for Faculty


Ethics Continuing Education (CE) - The division provides an annual 2 hour workshop on Ethics that enables psychologists to obtain their annual CE credits.  Division members and affiliated members attend free; a small nominal fee is charged for non members.  For additional information please contact Huong Cai 

Annual Colloquium - The Division sponsors an annual colloquium at which Psychologists exchange information about their research and clinical activities. For more information, please feel free to contact Huong Cai

Promotion guidelines and documents

Every year faculty who seek promotion submit their materials to the Department of Psychiatry Promotion and Tenure Committee in early September. The P&T committee reviews the materials and provides feedback, and solicits letters from internal and external referees to support the promotion application. This culminates in a letter from the committee chair in December to the Department Chair (Dr. Keepers), recommending the faculty member for promotion. The Department Chair forwards a letter to the School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure committee in January. The School of Medicine P&T committee reviews the materials, forwards recommendations to the Dean, and the process culminates with University appointment the following summer.

Psychologists are encouraged to seek promotion from Assistant Professor to either Associate Professor or Associate Clinical Professor, and from Associate Professor to the appropriate grade of full Professor (regular or clinical track). The appropriate time to do this is generally at 5-7 years after your appointment. Plan on 3-4 hours of time preparing your materials and on having them ready to submit by the first of September of the year you want to be considered:

a. CV in University format

b. Statement of accomplishments organized by (a) overview, (b) scholarship (omit this section for clinical-educator track), (c) service (includes clinical), (d) education/teaching.

c. Educators portfolio (essentially an excel file of lectures, courses, etc)
d. Nominees for internal letters of reference (4)
e. Nominees for external letters of reference (6) (4 for clinical-educator track)

Example documents, details of the University and School guidelines, and other materials are all readily available at the School of Medicine website Visit the school of medicine website.

How to affiliate with the Division

If you are a Psychologist employed at OHSU or at the State Hospital and would like to affiliate with the Division of Psychology, please send an email indicating your interest, reason for wanting to affiliate, and a copy of your CV to Dr. Nigg