Oregon Nutrition Day 2023

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"When is Food Medicine"

This annual conference brings together health care providers, nutritionists, public health professionals and community-based organizations from around Oregon. The conference is meant to highlight Developmental Origins of Health and Disease-related research, current issues and programs, with an emphasis on how nutrition during the First 1,000 Days impacts lifelong chronic disease risk. Speakers this year discussed nutrition’s role in gestational diabetes and heart disease, the role of gut microbiota, and nutrition among incarcerated women among many other topics.

Oregon Nutrition Day 2023 took place on April 27. 
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Leslie Myatt

Leslie Myatt, Ph.D., FRCOG., Director, Perinatal Research, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endowed Professor and Director, Bob and Charlee Moore Institute of Nutrition & Wellness, will begin the conference with a welcome message. 


Adam Watkins

Adam Watkins, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Reproductive & Developmental Physiology from the University of Nottingham, U.K. His expertise is in paternal diet impacts on sperm, embryo development, placental function and adult offspring cardiovascular health. His keynote, “How men’s diets influence the health of the fetus” will discuss the impact a father has on their infant.
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Lauren Tobey

Lauren Tobey, M.S., R.D., is an Associate Professor of Practice and the statewide Food Hero Social Marketing Program Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension. Food Hero is a research tested campaign that provides interactive recipe focused demonstrations, along with policy, systems, and environmental change activities aimed at increasing all forms of fruits and vegetables among limited-income Oregonians. 
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Tracy Severson

Tracy Severson, R.D.LD, is the dietitian for the Center for Preventive Cardiology (CPC) at OHSU’s Knight Cardiovascular Institute. In addition to providing nutrition counseling to help patients reduce cardiovascular risk factors, she also works with patients in the cardiac rehabilitation program and manages a cooking program called the Heart Protection Kitchen. In 2020, Tracy coauthored a cookbook featuring the recipes from these classes, titled, The Heart Protection Kitchen: Easy and Healthy Recipes for a Healthy Heart.
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Christie Naze

Christie Naze, R.D., LD, CDCES, has been a clinical dietitian at the OHSU Center for Women’s Health for 29 years. She obtained board certification as a Clinical Diabetes Counselor and Education Specialist in 2004 and specializes in nutrition issues related to women’s health, maternal nutrition and diabetes in pregnancy. Christie authored the “My Pregnancy Plate” published in 2012 and the “My Pregnancy Plate Food Choice Guide” published in 2020. Christie was the recipient of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2022 Women’s Health DPG Excellence in Practice award.
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Jody Grant

Jody Grant is the operations director at Meals on Wheels People. She works closely with registered dieticians and collaborates with the Central Kitchen to ensure medically tailored meal contracts meet high service standards. In 2021, she graduated from the first Food Is Medicine Coalition Accelerator Program, a yearlong intensive that provided technical assistance and training so the nonprofit could launch its Medically Tailored Meals Program. 

Connie Gilfillan

Connie Gilfillan is the director of business development at Meals on Wheels People. In her role, she provides leadership and direction over the Medically Tailored Meals Program, an evidence-based nutritional program in which meals are customized for people with congestive heart failure, diabetes, renal failure, and other chronic health conditions and delivered to their homes, resulting in better health outcomes and lower health care costs. Previously, she was a global account director at LeanPath, a company that makes food waste prevention and tracking technology.  
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Rima Green

Rima Green, M.P.H., directs the Lettuce Grow program which provides garden education to inmates in correctional institutions and juvenile facilities throughout the state of Oregon. A Native American, Rima has experienced both foster care and incarceration. After a 30-year career in high-tech, Rima returned to her first love, gardening and working with individuals caught up in the correctional system.
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Diane Stadler

Diane Stadler, Ph.D., R.D., LD, received her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from the University of Iowa and is a registered dietitian with expertise in maternal and infant nutrition.  She helped launch the OHSU-Lao Nutrition Education & Research Initiative in Vientiane, Lao PDR that trained the country’s first hospital-based clinical nutrition specialists. As the Director of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition and Dietetic Internship, Dr. Stadler is a leader in OHSU’s nutrition education initiatives and research mentoring programs in the School of Medicine.
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Robert Martindale

Robert Martindale, M.D, Ph.D., FRCOG, has been a tenured faculty member at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, since 2005 where he served as Chief of the Division of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery for 16 years.  His primary focus throughout his professional career has been on medical, surgical and nutrition education.  He is the author of over 300 publications, including peer reviewed manuscripts, review articles, book chapters, several medical educational videos, as well as being the co-editor of a textbook dealing with surgical and critical care nutrition.
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Nutrition Oregon Campaign Panel

Monica Cuneo

Monica Cuneo, M.P.H., is a consultant with nineteen years of content specific work related to public health topics, issues related to the social determinants of health, and collaborative and systems approaches to community change. Monica has worked at the community, statewide and regional levels, collaborating with diverse stakeholders in urban and rural environments. She is currently the project director of the Nutrition Oregon Campaign at the Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness.
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Jessica Hand

Jessica Hand, M.P.H., is the Executive Director for Thrive Umpqua, a 501c3 non-profit organization continuing the transformative work of Blue Zones Project-Umpqua. After earning a Master of Public Health from Loma Linda University and working abroad, Jessica returned to Douglas County to further pursue a purpose-driven career in the field of community health with her seventeen years of work experience. She is proud to work with a team of changemakers at Thrive Umpqua – working together to make the community a place where everyone can thrive.

Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams graduated from Western Oregon University with her Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and a Minor in Human Biology. She went on to work in a juvenile detention center in Lane County, which highlighted to her the importance of upstream prevention. She eventually relocated to McMinnville where she works for Yamhill County Public Health as the Community Prevention and Wellness Coordinator.

Kelsey Mueller

Kelsey Mueller Wendt was born and raised in Klamath Falls, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Population Health Management from Oregon Tech. She is currently attending Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for her Master’s in Public Health. Kelsey has been with Healthy Klamath as the Policy Manager since 2019 focusing on Food Systems and Built Environment. Kelsey was most recently named as the co-chair for the Healthy Klamath Network, and continues expanding her reach in Klamath as a community health advocate.

Lindsay Grosvenor

Lindsay Grosvenor, R.D.N., was born and raised in Ontario, Oregon. Since 2018, Lindsay has served as the Nutrition Oregon Campaign-Ontario Hub Coordinator. In 2022, Lindsay took a position as Strategic Partnerships Program manager for the Oregon Food Bank (Ontario branch) where much of her work has shifted to community food systems; she is currently serving as project coordinator for the Western Treasure Valley Food Systems Partnership and is a member of the Oregon Community Food Systems Network Leadership Team.

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