International collaborations

Group of Moore Institute researchers and staff in Uzbekistan

Studies across the globe have shown that inadequate fetal nutrition is associated with adult onset disease regardless of the country of origin. The Moore Institute has established collaborations with scientists around the world to better understand geographical disease patterns related to nutrition of adolescent girls and women. 

Uzbekistan conference

Viola Artikova, M.D., M.S.P.H., wife of Moore Institute Director of Global Development Fred Gregory, is from Uzbekistan. She has seen first-hand the health problems still left in this country from the dissolution of the Soviet Union more than 20 years ago. She and Gregory met with government officials to discuss the science of the developmental origins of health and disease and how it could be used as a framework for improving the country's health. 

They developed a conference,  held in Tashkent in September 2019, that hosted a handful of OHSU scientists and clinicians to to discuss the latest science with Uzbek clinicians, health department officials and government leaders. 

They hope to determine how research around nutrition’s effects on the developmental origins of health and disease can be shared and incorporated into the nutritional and educational policies of the nation. The conference was funded by U.S. Embassy. Read more about the Uzbekistan conference.

Russian materials from the conference:
Жизнь мальчиков полна «опасностей» (Boys live dangerously)
Еда как лекарство (Food As Medicine)
Болезни сердца (Heart Disease)
Логическая схема концепции «ДОХАД» (DOHaD Logic Flow)
Моя тарелка в период беременности (My Pregnancy Plate)

Lao-American Nutrition Institute (LANI)

Together with Lao University Health Sciences and the Lao Ministry of Health, OHSU is providing technical support to operate this institute with a goal of improving nutrition and decreasing stunting among the Lao population. Moore Institute Associate Director for Nutrition, Diane Stadler, Ph.D., R.D., is leading efforts to build capacity and initiate new approaches to improve the state of nutrition in Lao. A first cohort of health professionals completed a program to train them as clinical dieticians. OHSU dietetic students have completed rotations in Lao, and plans are in the works for a Lao student to come to OHSU for additional training.

International summit

In 2015, the Moore Institute gathered nutrition scientists and nutrition practitioners from developing nations at the International Summit on the Nutrition of Adolescent Girls and Young Women. Funded with a grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the summit aimed to close the gaps between nutrition research and application of emerging knowledge to shape programs for undernourished populations. 

Representatives from Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Zambia, Uganda, England, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand and Chile came together to share, listen and learn. Together they created a consensus statement that was published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.