Alaska Native Health and Wellness Research Center

The Moore Institute is proud to have the Alaska Native Health and Wellness Research Center under its umbrella. This comprehensive inter-disciplinary research center incorporates a broad range of medical scientific expertise to address the health research priorities of Alaska Native community partners and to promote the health and wellness of Alaska Native people. It builds on research momentum gained during the tenure of Professor Bert Boyer, Ph.D. and Scarlett Hopkins, RN, M.A., during their time at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Learn more about the Alaska Native Health and Wellness Research Center

COVID-19 Resources

We have compiled a list of resources to help ensure everyone has access to safe, nutritious food in the wake of COVID-19. These resources are focused on food access, including finding school meals, food banks and farmers markets, as well as other information for communities to #EmergeStronger from the pandemic. Read more

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Help prevent chronic disease across the lifespan.

Oregon Nutrition Day registration now open!

Join the Moore Institute on Thursday June 17, 2021 for our annual Oregon Nutrition Day. Every year, this event highlights the vital role that nutrition plays in the long-term health of our communities. This year's theme, "Diverse Nutrition for Diverse Communities,"  will explore local food sovereignty programs that support nutrition through traditional foods and cooking. We will also learn how community-based food programs can help prevent chronic diseases in diverse populations.  For more details and to register

About the Moore Institute

The central commitment of the OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness is to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases across the lifespan in current and future generations by promoting healthy, nutrient-rich diets based on whole-foods – before conception, during pregnancy and lactation, and in infancy and early childhood.

The scientific cornerstone of the Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness is a discipline in which OHSU is internationally recognized: the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, or DOHaD, which illuminates the vital relationships between maternal prenatal diet, fetal health and adult onset disease.

Nutrition Oregon Campaign
The Moore Institute is working on a statewide initiative grounded in the science of DOHaD, with the bold vision of using the power of nutrition to end chronic disease in Oregon. Find out more.

The Moore Report newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter shares the work of the institution, the latest research about nutrition and chronic disease, information about upcoming events and ways to get involved. Read the latest Moore Report.

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