Admission Requirements

The Oregon Medical Physics Program reviews applications in January of each year, (applications must be completed January 15th). An OHSU Admissions Committee convenes to review all qualified applicants (qualified applicants meet the minimum graduate school requirements of Oregon Health & Science University).

The OMPP Admissions Committee consists of faculty from OHSU's Diagnostic Radiology Department and OHSU's Radiation Medicine Department. The Admissions Committee reviews the application materials for each applicant, evaluating the following:

  • Undergraduate Degree Type
    • We require a bachelor’s degree, most commonly in physics (major or minor), radiation health physics, or engineering fields. Within undergraduate course work, it is a requirement that all of our accepted students have taken a minimum of 3 upper division physics courses, along with core physics courses and laboratory sessions. Examples of upper division physics courses include: Electricity and Magnetism; Atomic Physics; Modern Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Optics; Nuclear Physics; Heat and Thermodynamics; Advanced Mechanics.
  • Undergraduate (and Graduate) GPA 
    • A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) is required.
  • GRE Scores
  • TOEFL / IELTS Scores
  • Personal Statements
  • Responses to Application Questions
  • Three Letters of Reference
  • Official Transcripts
    • Applicants who received their degrees from a non-US institution should request a World Education Service (WES) ICAP course-by-course credential evaluation and send the results to the OHSU Graduate Studies Office
  • Any Uploaded Documents (CV / Resume / Unofficial Transcripts)
  • Additional PhD Requirements
    • To be eligible for the PhD program, applicants must have earned a Master’s in Medical Physics from a CAMPEP-accredited program. If you do not have an MS in Medical Physics from a CAMPEP-accredited program and are interested in a PhD pursuit, then we encourage you to apply to our MS program first.

In addition to OFFICIAL transcripts, please upload UNOFFICIAL transcripts from all colleges attended to the application for the initial review. Please submit official transcripts to:

OHSU SoM Graduate Admissions
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd L102GS
Portland, Oregon 97239
Or if your institution offers secure digital transcripts, please send official transcripts to: 

Next Steps

Applications for the OMPP are reviewed during the months of January and February of each year. The admissions committee meets once all applications are reviewed. Following this meeting, applicants will be contacted in regards to their admissions status. Applicants will receive a response by the end of April. 

If you would like further information on the program, please contact Medical Physics Admissions at:

The application for Fall 2023 will open September 1, 2022 and will close January 15, 2023. Check this page for updates.

OHSU Employees as Students

OHSU employees seeking to pursue individual courses for academic credit or an academic degree or certificate within OHSU must declare their employment status to the Academic Program prior to registering for courses or accepting admissions.

OHSU students wishing to accept an employment offer from an OHSU department (excluding positions identified as Student Employment or Student Work Study) must notify their program director prior to accepting the position for the purposes of initiating the process to review conflicts of interest. (Policy 03-30-145, updated 8/18/2021)

COVID-19 Immunization Requirement for Students

OHSU requires immunizations for its students in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and from the State of Oregon. Students must comply with OHSU pre-entrance immunization requirements per Policy 03-30-150 and Policy 02-90-010, and remain in compliance for the duration of their enrollment at OHSU.

This means that all admitted students must provide proof of full COVID-19 immunization or receive an approved medical or religious exception prior to the start of the academic program. Admission into OHSU academic programs are considered conditional until proof of full vaccination is provided or a medical or religious exception is approved by OHSU. If students have not met the COVID-19 policy requirements by the first day of their academic program, their conditional offer of admission to OHSU will be withdrawn and they will be unable to take courses or start their programs of study or other academic activities.

Students admitted into non-clinical programs who have received exceptions will be required to complete COVID-19 testing as specified by OHSU and will receive additional direction related to required safety standards and practices. OHSU does not allow unvaccinated students to participate in in-person direct patient contact or in simulation activities involving in-person direct contact with standardized patients, and as such, entry into clinical programs for unvaccinated students will be prohibited.

Background Checks

Prospective students are not required to disclose criminal convictions prior to receiving an offer of admission. Following a conditional admission offer, prospective students will undergo a pre-matriculation background check pursuant to policy and procedures available on the OHSU Public Safety website.  However, OHSU is a university of health professions, and it is possible that professional and occupational licensure requirements may prohibit individuals with criminal convictions from ultimately obtaining a professional license. Licensure requirements vary by state and prospective students are encouraged to consult their state licensing agency for more information.

If a prospective student is denied admission due to a criminal conviction, they may appeal the final admissions decision to the Office of the Provost at