Employment Outlook

Because the medical physics profession examines and applies numerous aspects of nuclear science to medicine, graduates from our program take jobs in a wide variety of places. Some examples of where our graduates have taken jobs are:

Hospital-based clinical medical physics practice

(Clinical/Research/Academic, or a combination of all three)

Outpatient clinic-based medical physics practice

(Clinical and/or Research)

  • Therapeutic Physics - working at a cancer center which caters to ambulatory patients. These types of facilities are found throughout the country, in cities of varying size.
  • Diagnostic Physics - working at large imaging centers which cater to ambulatory patients. These types of imaging facilities are usually in metropolitan areas and have many types of machines (requiring the internal expertise of an on-staff diagnostic physicist).

Consulting Medical Physics firms


  • Therapeutic Physics - working to provide services at hospitals or outpatient clinics with either special projects (shielding, commissioning, audits, etc.), or ongoing clinical support
  • Diagnostic Physics - working to provide testing and quality assurance of machines used in hospitals and outpatient facilities that may not employ their own diagnostic physicist.

Medical device vendors

(Clinical Training & Support and/or Research)

  • Therapeutic Physics - these are often linear accelerator vendors, radiation medicine device companies, etc.
  • Diagnostic Physics - these are often device vendors such as those developing, training and marketing CT scanners, MRIs, ultrasound devices, nuclear medicine scanners, etc.


(in medicine or other related sciences)

Graduates of the OHSU Medical Physics Graduate Program most often choose to move on to a clinical residency after completing their MS or PhD degrees. After completion of a CAMPEP-accredited residency, medical physicists are then eligible to complete the ABR board certification process and seek clinical work. (Note: ABR board certification is becoming increasingly required by employers.)

Those seeking information about current vacancies in the profession of medical physics should join the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and search their "Careers" page.