Student Groups

Association of Medical Physics Students

The Association of Medical Physics Students (AMPS) is a club that aims to organize MP student presence and promote the field of Medical Physics at OHSU. AMPS is a group open to any students at OHSU and PSU who might be interested in the various applications of physics in medicine. 

Peer-Mentoring Program

The Peer-Mentoring Program (PMP) is a way of connecting the first-year and second-year graduate students outside of normal club functions. Immediately upon entering the Program, the PMP aims to provide an easy way for students to pass on their knowledge to the incoming class, and provide approachable resources and answers as new students adjust to graduate student life at OHSU. 

Student Activities

Activities students participate in related to the AMPS and peer mentoring include: 

  • Social gatherings
  • Presentation practice
  • ABR tips and prep
  • Interview tips
  • Bi-weekly meetings