SoM Diversity Mentorship Programs

Faculty SOM Diversity Mentorship Partnership

About the SOM Mentorship Programs

The School of Medicine provides mentorship opportunities through several programs. We aim to create a more equitable workforce, increase cultural competence, and reduce health disparities.

Through these programs, we want to provide support to first-generation students and underrepresented students in medicine. Mentors work side by side to facilitate strong relationships and guidance with mentees. Mentees will be provided a path to increased success and a sense of belonging by those who share lived experiences and interests.

Programs at a glance

Program Eligibility Application Deadline
Pay It Forward Mentorship Program Mentors: Current SOM medical students to serve as mentors. Mentees: Current enrolled in Oregon undergraduate college. Closed
M.D. Diversity Mentorship Program Mentors: OHSU providers. Mentees: Current OHSU M.D. students (first and second years) from diverse backgrounds and or URiM. November 15, 2023
Graduate Student Peer Network Mentors: Current Ph.D. or Masters student in the SOM, SOPH, or SON, or a post baccalaureate program. Mentees: Incoming Ph.D. or Masters student in the SOM, SOPH, or SON, or a post baccalaureate program. March 31, 2023
ARFDC Mentorship Dinner Hosted by the ARFDC (ACGME Resident and Fellow Diversity Committee) for School of Medicine medical students, residents and fellows. Please RSVP at February 23, 2023

SoM Diversity Mentorship Program

The SOM Diversity Mentorship program pairs OHSU first and second-year M.D. students who are a member of a SOM Diversity Interest Group. First-generation students will be given priority. Mentors and learners meet virtually or in person on a schedule they design over the next year.

The program provides a valuable outlet for physicians to build professional relationships and connect with diverse and URiM SoM students. Are you interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee for 2023-2024?  Contact us.

Graduate Student Peer Network

The Graduate Student Peer Network offers an opportunity for incoming students from underrepresented backgrounds with returning graduate students who share similar backgrounds. The program is meant to provide additional support above and beyond what is offered by individual departments for students who may not have peers who share their lived experiences within the department.

Pay It Forward Mentorship Program

Pay It Forward is a medical student-run mentorship program. The School of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and OASIS (Outreach, Advising, Support and Identity formation for Students) fund the program. The program aims to pair current medical students with undergraduate mentees from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to create a more equitable workforce, increase cultural competence, and reduce health disparities. Members of the Pay It Forward Student Interest Group will determine matches as identified by their application profile, interests, specialty of medicine, etc

Become a mentor

A mentor is someone who agrees to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with a mentee with a commitment to helping the mentee pursue their medical career goals.

If you are an OHSU physician, researcher, and/or faculty member who would like to mentor a medical student from a diverse or underrepresented background, please contact


Please visit the SoM Faculty Development webpage to learn more about resources and tools on mentoring. Tips for mentors and mentees are available.