SoM Diversity Mentorship Programs

Faculty SOM Diversity Mentorship Partnership

About the SOM Mentorship Programs

The SOM provides mentorship opportunities through several programs. We aim to create a more equitable workforce, increase cultural competence, and reduce health disparities.

Through these programs, we want to provide support to first-generation students and underrepresented students in medicine. Mentors work side by side to facilitate strong relationships and guidance with mentees. Mentees will be provided a path to increased success and a sense of belonging by those who share lived experiences and interests.

We are currently recruiting OHSU mentors and mentees in all areas and specialties. We encourage you to learn more and sign up!

Programs at a glance

Program Eligibility Deadline
Pay It Forward Mentorship Program Mentors: Current SOM medical students to serve as mentors. Mentees: Current enrolled in Oregon undergraduate college. Nov. 1, 2021
M.D. Diversity Mentorship Program Mentors: OHSU & Permanente residents and providers. Mentees: Current OHSU M.D. students (first and second years) from diverse backgrounds and or URiM. Nov. 30, 2021
Graduate Student Peer Network Mentors: Current Ph.D. or Masters student in the SOM, SOPH, or SON, or a post baccalaureate program. Mentees: Incoming Ph.D. or Masters student in the SOM, SOPH, or SON, or a post baccalaureate program. Sep. 22, 2021
GME Mentorship Dinner Group Mentees: SOM residents and M.D. students

Become a mentor

A mentor is someone who agrees to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with a mentee with a commitment to helping the mentee pursue their medical career goals.

If you are an OHSU physician or resident who would like to mentor a medical student from a diverse or underrepresented background, please contact Leslie Garcia, Assistant Dean Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, SOM