Diversity Mentorship Program

Faculty SOM Diversity Mentorship Partnership

About the Diversity Mentorship Program

The SOM Undergraduate Medical Education program launched a partnership in the spring of 2019 with Northwest Permanente (NWP) to expand the pool of physicians who can mentor diverse M.D. students. NWP is the largest independent, multispecialty medical group practicing in Oregon and Southwest Washington.  Together, we joined a collaboration to support diverse and URM medical students who belong to a SOM diversity interest groups and meet other criteria.  Physicians and medical students were paired up to build professional relationships. In addition, the program provides a valuable outlet for physicians to connect with diverse and URM SOM students.

Read about the 2019 Inaugural Cohort.

Become a mentor

The Diversity Mentorship program is currently recruiting OHSU physician mentors in all areas and specialties. If you are an OHSU physician who would like to mentor a medical student from a diverse or under-represented background. Please contact Leslie Garcia, garcial@ohsu.edu

Program details

Time Commitment: Mentors and mentees will choose when and where to meet based on what works best for their schedules. Meetings can take place in person, coffee shops, via video media (Skype, FaceTime, etc.,) and/or over the phone. Very flexible.

Mentoring Meetings: The purpose of these meetings are to build and maintain a positive relationship while focusing on topics related to career and professional development in Medicine. Mentors may also assist to disseminate insight, advice, information, and opportunities in the profession.

Training: Mentors and mentees will receive resources, information, and training opportunities to support the development of effective communication and professional development. 

Eligibility of Mentees: 1.) Mentees must be a first year medical student at OHSU, 2.) be a member of a SOM diversity student interest group, 3.) Submit a CV or Resume prior to January 25th.) and attend the January 29th Meet and Greet Dinner. First generational students will be given priority.

Eligibility of Mentors:   1.) Be employed by OHSU and or NWP 2.) Be in good standing 3.) Submit a CV and or Resume prior to January 25th.  3.)  and be able attend the January 29th Dinner Meet and Greet Dinner.

A mentor is someone who agrees to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with a mentee who have less experience and committed to help a mentee pursue their medical career goals.

Mentors do not need previous mentoring experience but must be OHSU and Permanente a clinician/faculty member in good standing.

Mentors are OHSU/Northwest Permanente physicians who self-nominate themselves.  They work as clinician/faculty members.

Mentees are first-year medical under-represented minority/diverse students who are active members of the SOM’s Diversity Student Interest Groups.

Both the mentor and mentee will help determine a match as identified by their interests, profile, specialty of medicine  etc.,   The mentoring matches will be one-on-one.  There will be no changes once mentees and mentors are paired.

Mentors and mentees meet at least once a quarter.  It is desired they meet often and preferably once a month.   Mentors and mentees are responsible for choosing when and where to meet based on what works best for their schedules.

The program is a 10 month commitment.

Northwest Permanente, P.C., (NWP) and Oregon Health & Sciences University and the School of Medicine (SOM).

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School of Medicine Diversity Mentorship Program 
Leslie Garcia, Assistant Dean Diversity, Equity and Inclusion