Poster Roster - Oregon Bioengineering Symposium

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Poster Room First name Last name Title of Presentation
Biomaterials Judah Aptecker Bioresorbable Polyester Resins for 2 Photon Polymerization
Biomaterials Madeleine Hummel Hemocompatibility Evaluation of Bio-Inspired Pseudo Self-Assembled Monolayer Coating
Biomaterials Rahul Narayan Prediabetes and Obesity Interventions through Closed Loop Fully Automated Artificial Pancreas Control System Augmented with Meal Macronutrient Identification
Biomaterials Yong How Tan pH modulation of extrusion-based collagen scaffolds enhances myogenesis in vitro
Bone regeneration 1 Eyerusalem Gebreyesus An Implantable Bone Fixation Device for Generating Interstitial Fluid Flow at the Bone Fracture Site to Improve Healing Outcome
Bone regeneration 1 Annie Gilbert Development of H2S-releasing biomaterials for bone healing
Bone regeneration 1 Ireland Johnson Design and Cytocompatibility of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Bone Regeneration
Bone regeneration 1 Allyson Thom Anisotropic bone fracture fixation devices for understanding effects of different mechanical stimuli on the bone
Bone regeneration 2 Krista Habing Aligned nanofibrous collagen scaffolds enhance early osteogenesis of MC3T3-E1 cells
Bone regeneration 2 Phillip Hernandez Mapping Spine Surgical Decision Making And Factors Affecting Intervertebral Disc Herniation
Bone regeneration 2 Sruthi Ranganathan Microgel encapsulation of MSC-derived Exosomes for Osteoarthritis treatment
Bone regeneration 2 Ward Shalash Patient-Specific Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Maps Used to Model Nutrient Availability in Degenerated Intervertebral Discs
Cancer 1 Ines Cadena Engineering a High-Throughput Drug Screening Platform of Cervical Cancer
Cancer 1 Carson Cook Characterizing the Extracellular Matrix Transcriptome of Cervical, Endometrial, and Uterine Cancers
Cancer 1 Jesse Howe Characterizing Multivalent Interactions in the Tumor Suppressing Protein, 53BP1
Cancer 1 Brian Karlberg Cancer subtype prediction learning curves
Cancer 2 Michael Brasino Engineered bacteria as ini-vivo cancer detecting probes
Cancer 2 Ruijie Wang In Situ Tumor Vaccination with Nanoparticle Co-Delivering CpG and STAT3 siRNA to Effectively Induce Whole-Body Antitumor Immune Response.
Cancer 2 Di Wen Adipocytes as Anticancer Drug Delivery Depot
Cells 1 Damien Callahan Volumetric muscle tissue loss and subsequent remodeling induce contractile impairments in single muscle fibers in the mouse
Cells 1 Vincent de Jong Self-renewal of multilineage Hematopoietic stem cells in-vitro
Cells 1 Meghan Fallon Anisotropic Patterning Modulates Endothelial Immunogenicity
Cells 1 Tyler Guyer Modulating the systemic immune environment after trauma using synthetic nanoparticle antibodies to deplete myeloid-derived suppressor cells
Cells 2 Lindsay Benage Glycolytic profiling of inflamed intervertebral disc cells
Cells 2 Patrick Hall Development of an implantable cooling system for the controllable blocking of neural signals
Cells 2 Samuel Lester Addressing translational challenges using human microvessels for in-vitro model systems
Cells 2 Kelly O'Neill Building bridges: melt electrowriting (MEW) to design and 3D-print nerve guidance conduits
Coronavirus Michael Harry Woodburn Waste Water Coronavirus Study
Coronavirus Molly Nelson Nanoparticle co-delivery of antigen, adjuvant, and siRNA: first application as a COVID-19 vaccine
Coronavirus Sahana Shah RNA Interactions with the SARS-CoV-2 N protein linker region
Genetics Ernest Bonat Apply Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification Genomics Data
Genetics Amanda Kreppel ??DiversiPhi29: An Orthogonal System for the Continuous Directed Evolution of Genes In Vivo
Genetics Carmen Resnick Probing Sequence-Function landscapes in Trimethoprim-Resistant DHFR Homologs
Genetics Natanya Villegas Needle in the haystack: Developing a multiplexed method to enrich DropSynth perfect gene assemblies
Modeling Karly Fear Computational protein design for improved fracture regeneration
Modeling August George Investigating a novel Bayesian inference method for model parameter estimation
Modeling Katherine Huynh An Ultrasound-Responsive Spatiotemporally-Controlled Biomaterial Platform for 3D Modeling of Early Cancer Progression
Modeling John Russo Improved molecular dynamics results using steady-state restarts with the weighted ensemble method
Physics Kylie Nash Technology Enabled Prescribed Rehabilitation to Better Address Musculoskeletal Injuries
Physics Ander Reizabal Electrohydrodynamic Processing of Aqueous Solutions
Physics Maryam Shuaib Optical-Based Sensing of Shear Strain Using Reflective Color Patterns
Physics Ella Stimson Microelectrode Array Based Collection of Charged Particles Using Direct Current Electrophoresis
Proteins Elham Azadvari Peptide Design
Proteins Anissa Benabbas Functional Optimization of Proteins with DropSynth and Machine Learning Models
Proteins Gretchen Fujimura Exploring the Relationship between LC8 and Viral Phosphoproteins
Proteins Veronica Spaulding Engineering Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels with Design of Experiments for Controlled Protein Delivery
Proteins and cells Jonathan Dorogin Affibody selection and characterization for controlled release of bone morphogenetic protein-2
Proteins and cells Alycia Galindo Engineering Affibody Protein to inhibit Angiogenesis through Ang/Tie Pathway
Proteins and cells Henry Hochstatter Discovery of Affinity Binding Partners for Controlled GM-CSF Delivery
Proteins and cells Johnathan O'Hara-Smith Affinity-based Biomaterials for Delivery of Angiogenic Proteins
Rehabilitation Joseph Chen Phenotypes of IVD Degeneration: Characteristics Found Across Histology, Pain, and MRI
Rehabilitation Nyssa Engebo Menstrual Health and Hygiene
Rehabilitation Andrew Holston A Multiplex Assay for the Characterization of Histidine Kinase Biosensors
Rehabilitation Kaylee Meyers Suture Button Sensor to Monitor Strain in Reconstructed Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) During Rehabilitation
Sensors / lab on chip Danielle Konetski Leveraging Organ on a Chip Technology to Study the Relationship Between Gut Microbiota and Breast Cancer
Sensors / lab on chip Diana Ostojich Epidermal sweat sensing
Sensors / lab on chip Kaleb Roach Polyester Punctal Plug
Sensors / lab on chip Bryce Rogers Formal Predictive Coding Models in Vision and Beyond
Spectroscopy / live-cell imaging Andrew Carpenter Nonlinear Spectroscopic Evidence for Specific Binding Interactions Between the Dysferlin C2A Domain and PI(4,5)P2 in Biomimetic Lipid Membranes
Spectroscopy / live-cell imaging Jeremy Copperman Morphodynamical cell-state description via live-cell imaging trajectory embedding
Spectroscopy / live-cell imaging Rees Rosene How do current cell culture protocols affect IVD cell metabolism
Spectroscopy / live-cell imaging William Skinner Magnetoelastic Microcarriers for Real-time Tracking of Cell Loading
Tissue engineering Ryan Forcier Novel Introduction of Cryoprotectants into Tissues via Carbonation and Vacuum Cycling
Tissue engineering Mary Lowrey 3D Bioprinting Ultrasound-Responsive Materials for Cellular Manipulation in 3D Tissue Constructs
Tissue engineering Yan Carlos Pacheco Willett Musculoskeletal Regenerative Lab
Tissue engineering Anjanibhargavi Ragothaman Different Functional Networks are Involved in Different Domains of Balance Control in Parkinson’s Disease