Thinking About Thinking for AAC

Thinking About Thinking for AAC is an interactive online guide to assist in person-technology matching for communication devices. It is based on evidence from both Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and cognition research. 

The tool is slated to launch in mid-June 2018. Please stay tuned!

How and why it was developed

Communication technology should be matched to the cognitive needs and abilities of the user. Current feature matching tools do not address the cognitive demands that AAC technologies/apps place on the user. There is limited research published regarding the cognitive demands of communication devices.

Thinking About Thinking for AAC was developed to complement the current feature-matching process for AAC technologies. It aims to expand the process by carefully analyzing the cognitive demands imposed by technology.

How it can be used

Using this interactive tool, clinicians can select an AAC technology/app feature, and the Thinking About Thinking for AAC will provide current research evidence about the cognitive demands of that feature.

Upon completion of Thinking About Thinking for AAC, the user will be provided with a final synthesis report of identified features and their cognitive demands.