SmartPredict App for AAC Conversation

People with complex communication needs and motor impairments not only rely on augmentative and alternative communication technologies to express themselves, they also rely on communication partners to augment their message production. We're developing this new app to take advantage of the physical skills, language skills and shared knowledge of communication partners to enhance the user's communication performance while allowing the user to maintain control over the conversation. 

Below, are diagrams of the interface for the user's device and the conversation partner's device.

Interface of user's device:

This is an image of the keyboard interface for the SmartPredict AAC user.

Interface of conversation partner's device:

This is an image of the SmartPredict conversation partner keyboard interface.

How we are testing it

We will train each participant to use the appropriate Smart Predict app. Users and partners will participate in conversations. We want to learn if the apps help people communicate more effectively.

The video below is a description and simulation of how the Smart Predict system works and how we will be testing it.

How to learn more

View recruitment information for augmentative and alternative communication users

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Mayling Dixon