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Dripping, a new vaping trend

Dripping is an alternative way to vape being used by some consumers. With vaping, a small amount of nicotine liquid is added to later be vaped. Dripping is when the nicotine liquid (with or without flavor) is heated up directly on the battery-operated coil.

Concerns about dripping: this practice is of concern because the e-liquid is vaporized at a much higher temperature and the extra benefit of a filter is bypassed. Researchers believe there is some evidence that dripping e-liquids may lead to higher levels of non-nicotine toxins being released. In addition, dripping can lead more nicotine exposure too.

Some reasons behind dripping: users tend to be young consumers. Many teenagers say that dripping provides a better smoke, a better hit and better taste.

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E-cigarettes and e-liquid bottles.

Marijuana news in Oregon

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Spice and other synthetic cannabinoids

This drug is usually called "Synthetic Marijuana", but it is very different than Marijuana. 

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