Materials Order Form

Poison center materials may be ordered online with our simple Materials Order Form. Available to Oregon residents and businesses only. Alaska residents and businesses, see the instructions below.  If you live in another state, contact your local poison control center for available materials. 

Instructions for ordering poison center materials


1. View the list of the materials  see what's available to Oregon residents and businesses (Tip: open the pdf list in a new browser window for easy reference). 

2. Complete the form below to place your order.  

3. The materials you requested will be shipped to the address you provided.

Please note:

We ask that you only order what you need and allow up to two weeks for processing. If you are on a deadline for the materials please indicate when they are needed in the order form below. Weather events, staffing demands and postal service delays may affect order fulfillment and delivery. If you need help with your order please call 503-494-7799.


Alaska residents and businesses may order materials via Alaska Poison Prevention Program, a service of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Public Health Division. 

Order Form

Full Name
Mailing Address
Please make sure to specify both the item(s) and the quantities for each item.  The list of available materials for order is linked to at the top of the page.