NMR Basic Rules

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  • Use Wilmad Precision NMR tubes model numbers 527-PP-7 (7”) and 527-PP-8 (8”).
    • Lower-quality tubes can damage the probe and can result in poor spectra by introducing large spinning bands and bad line shape.
  • Do not use tubes that are chipped at the top and make sure caps are sealed properly.
    • Glass chips and lost caps inside the NMR require expensive professional cleaning and can result in damage to the probe
  • Do not use/attach any paper label, glue, sellotape, parafilm, Teflon tape, or any other tape to the NMR tube.
    • Any manipulation of the tubes can cause unbalanced spinning. Use an ultra-fine tip permanent marker to write a short code on the cap or at the top of the NMR tube, not lower than 3 cm from the top.
  • Fill NMR tubes with at least 600-700 µl deuterated solvent or 40mm solution height.
    • Lower amounts of solvent can result in locking and shimming errors and damage the probe.
  • Do not overfill tubes.
    • Too much solvent also makes shimming difficult.
  • Only touch the spinner in the area with the black and white tape.
    • Touching the spinner in other areas can cause debris build up which results in unbalanced spinning.
  • Do not use force to insert your sample tubes into the spinner.
    • Using force can cause the tube to break which can result in severe injuries.
  • Click “change user” in Icon NMR after sample submission.
    • Forgetting this can cause charges from the following users to be charged to your account.
  • Collect tubes after completing the experiment within 4 days.
    • Leaving tubes for prolonged times will clog up the work area and result in breaking hazards.
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