Medicinal Chemistry

Our highly experienced core staff has used their medicinal chemistry expertise to assist OHSU researchers with the design and implementation of iterative Structure-Activity Relationship approaches to small molecule optimization for drug discovery. With the aid of our synthesis, purification, and analytical instrumentation we aim to deliver these small molecules with >95 % purity and will provide a Certificate of Analysis.

  • Designing and implementing an iterative Structure-Activity Relationship approach to optimization of small molecules identified as possible lead candidates.
  • Designing and synthesizing unknown organic compounds with well-precedented literature-based synthetic routes.
  • Connecting you to a CRO, if we are not able to process your request due to time, price, or scale issues.
  • Providing you, upon request, with written synthetic procedures and additional characterization of synthesized compounds for publications or grants.

Comming soon!

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Contract synthesis

  • Synthesis of known and unknown organic compounds with well-characterized literature-based synthetic routes.
  • Cost estimates are based on time required for synthesis and purification and cost of material.
  • Cost includes a Certificate of Analysis with purity and identity confirmation.

$Z000 (X hours x 100/hour + $Y00 material costs)

Research synthesis

  • Synthesis of known and unknown organic compounds with no or poorly characterized literature-based synthetic routes.
  • Cost estimates are based on time required for synthesis and purification and cost of materials and are presented as a range with the higher number including a case-by-case research buffer.
  • Cost includes a Certificate of Analysis with purity and identity confirmation.

$Z1000 - $Z2000 (X1 – X2 hours x 100/hour + $Y00 material costs)

Written procedures and additional analysis

  • Collection of additional analytical data and writing procedures for publications or grants.
  • Cost estimates are based on time required for additional analysis and writing.

$Z00 (X hours x 100/hour)

Material costs

  • These are pass-through costs.
  • Material costs can vary from the original cost estimate if we need to order more or different chemicals for the synthesis. We will contact you before making any additional purchases.

$Y00 material costs