Microwave Reactor

Person operating the microwave reactor

Requires user training

Our Microwave Reactor is a Biotage Initiator+, located in LBRB 553J.
Features Include:

  • Heating reactions to high temperatures and pressures of up to 300 °C and 30 bar, allowing faster reaction times and higher concentrated reaction mixtures.
  • Automated sample processor for programming and performing sequential reactions in quick succession.
  • Four different vial sizes, 0.2 mL to 20 mL.
  • Easy-to-use large touchscreen display

Necessary consumables are available in the Core for their pass-through costs.

User training fee

User training is carried out by core staff and includes a 30-minute usage of the Microwave Reactor. User training usually takes 30 minutes.

OHSU/PSU/UO/OSU Other Academic Non-academic/Industrial
100/hour 300/hour 1000/hour

User run fee

OHSU/PSU/UO/OSU Other Academic Non-academic/Industrial
$20/hour $60/hour $200/hour


The Biotage Initiator+ requires special reaction vials. The use of these vials is mandatory.

Vial 0.2–0.5 mL $9
Vial 0.5–2.0 mL $6
Vial 2.0–5.0 mL $5
Vial 10–20 mL $7