Who We Are

Scientists working in laboratories in the Knight Cancer Research Building

We are changing how cancer research is done.

Our mission at CEDAR is to detect and stop lethal cancers at the earliest stage because early detection saves lives. This is an ambitious goal, one that requires novelty, creativity, and innovation.

We conduct groundbreaking translational cancer research to help people maintain a high quality of life and reduce cancer mortality, to create a global early detection community, and to have a positive impact on the Oregon economy.

We are working to build a world freed from the burden of cancer.

CEDAR is a collaborative organization within the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University. It represents one component of the Knight Cancer Institute's two-pronged attack on cancer: precision early detection and precision oncology. 

By leveraging the world-class researchers at OHSU and the Knight Cancer Institute, CEDAR can improve patient lives through collaborative projects in engineering, genetics, early cancer biology, population science, clinical oncology, and clinical trials.

We are driven by our guiding principles.

They inform everything we do—they inspire our organizational structure, our research support, and our long-term strategy.

We are one team

Images of connected people

We share a common vision and leadership opportunities are open to everyone.

We are humble

We are humble

We ask questions in order to understand and improve our work.

We are diverse

Diverse group

We seek unique perspectives and backgrounds to solve complex problems.

We are a community

Connected dots

We share our space, resources, and talents, and we celebrate our successes and failures together.

We are innovative

Gears working together

We emphasize creativity and risk-taking to accelerate the best ideas and challenge the status quo.

We are focused

Magnifying glass

We use our resources responsibly and implement new ideas quickly and thoughtfully.

Interested in working together?

We're building relationships that advance cancer research.