MyChart Messages

    Ask a question. Get an answer in 2 - 3 business days.

    MyChart messages are a great way to connect with your provider. They are best if you need to send a short note and can wait a few days for a response, such as:

    • A new, non-urgent issue that needs medical advice
    • Chronic disease check-in
    • Getting a doctor's note for school, work, emotional support animal, etc.

    When to call your clinic

    If you need an answer in less than 3 days, call your clinic instead. MyChart messages aren't read at night or on weekends.

    For some things, you'll need a virtual or in-person visit instead of a MyChart message. Schedule a visit to ask for advice that is hard to explain through a written message.

    Check out our Virtual Options for more ways to get care.

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    Billed as a visit

    If your medical question needs an in-depth answer (involves medical decision-making and takes your provider more than 5 minutes to respond), we may bill you or your insurance.

    If you have Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
    All messages are free for you.

    If you have insurance or Medicare
    You'll have a co-pay just like an in-person visit — usually $25 - $40. If you don't have a co-pay, the most you'll pay is $77. Your deductible would apply. For exact costs, email, call 503-494-3508, or use our Cost Estimator tool (use CPT code 99423 to see the most you'll pay).

    If you don't have insurance
    The most you'll pay is $77.

    Some topics are always free

    • You message your provider with a question, and they say you should have a visit
    • You have a follow-up question based on a recent visit, procedure or lab result
    • You have an update for your doctor, but don't need a response
    • Your message is simple and only takes a few minutes to answer
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    Your whole care team - here for you

    Who can see your MyChart messages? Your entire OHSU care team. All of your OHSU primary care and specialty providers can see your MyChart messages in your health record — even the messages you did not send to them. This helps link your health and care plans across our system.

    How to message your provider

    Log in to MyChart on your computer, or open the MyChart app on your smartphone or tablet. Select "Messages." You'll see a list of providers you can message. If you need MyChart help, call 503-494-5252.

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