Rhinology, Sinus, and Skull Base Surgery Fellowship

This one-year Fellowship provides comprehensive training in medical and surgical rhinology, sinus and skull base surgery in the setting of a tertiary academic practice. Fellows receive comprehensive surgical training in advanced techniques, including revision sinus surgery, frontal sinus surgery, orbital surgery, and endoscopic skull base and tumor surgery. Multidisciplinary surgical collaboration involving Neurosurgery, oculoplastic surgery, head and neck surgery, and facial plastic surgery is emphasized. 


Fellows participate in the Oregon Sinus Center Allergy Program and a significant experience in allergy testing and immunotherapy is provided.

Opportunities to participate in funded clinical research and basic science/translational research programs are unparalleled and dedicated research time will be provided.


For more information on the OHSU Rhinology, Sinus, and Skull Base Surgery Fellowship, please click on the link for a pdf brochure.

Current Fellow

    • Degrees

      • B.S., 2012, Tulane University
      • M.D., 2017, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Incoming Fellow

​​​​​Harish Dharmarajan, MD

Past Fellows

Jee-Hong Kim, MD

Graduates of the Rhinology, Sinus, and Skull Base Surgery Fellowship at OHSU have gone on to be recognized as experts in this field. 

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Program Director

    • Expertise

      • Allergy and immunology
      • Otolaryngology (ENT)
      • Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery
      • Otolaryngology (ENT)
      • Revision Surgery