Residency Program Aims & Activities

In an effort to continually improve and focus the education of residents, the OHSU Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Residency Program has identified the following educational aims and activities to advance those aims.

Program Aims

  • Train residents using a daily one-to-one faculty-to-resident relationship.  Our education model is based on daily mentorship.
  • Provide comprehensive clinical care as a healthcare team to Oregonians.  Train residents to lead such teams.
  • Graduated responsibility as residents demonstrate competence.
  • The education program is dedicated to the education of residents rather than fellows.
  • Provide an advanced educational experience in all Otolaryngology subspecialties.
  • Train the next generation of surgeons for urban, rural, and academic positions. 
  • Teach the methods of hypothesis driven clinical and basic science research.  Each resident should produce at least one contribution to the field of Otolaryngology.
  • Provide excellent independent practitioners who will be leaders in academic medicine

Activities to Advance the Program Aims

  • Subspecialty-specific rotations which attempt to expose each resident to every specialty twice during residency:  once as a junior resident and once as a senior resident.
  • All residents will work through a didactic curriculum: lecture, case-based conferences, inanimate, animate and computer simulation programs
  • Residents must design a research project and carry this through to the point of producing a manuscript of publishable quality.
  • Each resident participates in a hospital or department quality improvement project in order to both learn the science of quality improvement, but also to provide the opportunity for leadership and team building around the goals of the project.