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OCTRI Community Research Hub is committed to supporting existing OHSU community research resources and developing new strategies and tools to address barriers in conducting community research. We make these resources available to OHSU researchers and staff and community partners across the state. 

"Find a Research Partner" we facilitate connections between OHSU investigators and community partners. Learn more about how to find a research partner

OHSU Community Human Subjects' Protection Team assists OHSU researchers, community researchers and community organizations to assure their research and program evaluation projects protect human subjects from initiation to evaluation and final analyses. The Community Research Consultant provides education, training and technical assistance around the important topic of human subjects' protection. Learn more about the Community Human Subjects' Protection Team.

The OHSU Evaluation Core is a team of OHSU faculty and staff that helps research project teams measure and describe project outcomes through the design and implementation of effective program evaluation. They work with individuals and programs at OHSU and with community organizations throughout Oregon. 

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Learn more see our  Community Engagement Glossary

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