Community Human Subjects' Protection Team

What does the Community Human Subjects' Protection Team do?

The Community Human Subjects' Protection Team assists OHSU researchers, community researchers and community organizations to assure their research and program evaluation projects protect human subjects from initiation to evaluation and final analyses. The Community Research Navigator advises community research teams around the important topic of human subjects' protection...specifically related to community-based and community-run projects.

What topics or issues do they help with?

  • How do I train my whole organization about the protection of human subjects in support of our proposed project and its goals?
  • Which helpful OHSU IRB forms or processes should I use?
  • Community-oriented, OHSU IRB-approved research training options (CITI) for your community partners.

The Community Research Navigator works in close collaboration with other OHSU services, investigators, the IRB and the Community Research Hub, and is therefore willing to provide referrals to additional internal and external resources, as applicable.

Collaboratively developed instructions and community focused resources are available on the OHSU Research Integrity website.

How do I schedule a consult?

In order to schedule a consultation, please send an email to Paige Farris with the following information

  1.  Your project plan or idea,
  2.  The goals or purpose of the project,
  3.  Which entities are involved in the project,
  4.  The population you're targeting, how you're collecting data from or about your population and
  5.  When you are hoping to initiate your project (we can discuss reasonable expectations around any applicable IRB process at the time of our consultation).
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Schedule a consult

Schedule a consult for help with your project