A doctor examines a patient's skin with a research device

OHSU has a rich history of advancing biological and clinical understanding of atopic dermatitis. We continue to push the boundaries of eczema knowledge through basic science and clinical research, and are proud to offer these opportunities to our patients as part of our care. 

Eczema clinical trials

Clinical trials are an organized activity to learn more about a problem, a treatment option or a disease. Clinical trials can provide patients with alternate care options, while helping researchers study new and improved ways to combat disease. At OHSU we offer trials for a wide range of conditions throughout the year, most commonly for eczema. Most trials have a limited number of spots or time allowed to enroll patients. Some clinical trials may offer financial reimbursement for successful study visits.

You can learn more about clinical research at OHSU Dermatology by visiting our Skin Conditions Clinical Trials page.


Learn about our eczema work being highlighted in the news, as well as other significant external news.

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Learn about some of the latest published eczema research from our faculty at OHSU, as well as other highlighted non-OHSU publications.

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