Living with eczema and managing it's symptoms is hard enough. Having to cope with additional barriers such as a lack of societal awareness or access to care for the condition can make it even harder. There are organizations, including the CLEAR Eczema Center, that are interested working with the eczema community to define and eliminate these barriers. We need your help and perspective to do it.

NEA Advocacy Ambassadors

The National Eczema Association has a program called Advocacy Ambassadors. NEA Ambassadors are people with eczema and their loved ones who want to make a difference by getting involved in meaningful initiatives. Advocacy Ambassadors will work with NEA staff and fellow advocates to deepen their understanding and engagement in areas that influence decision-makers and affect legislation, including but not limited to:

  • Awareness of eczema’s true burden among policy and decision-makers
  • Access to affordable, effective treatments
  • Budget allocation for research to better understand and treat eczema

For more information visit NEA’s Ambassador Program.

Help guide our efforts at OHSU

Our goal at the OHSU CLEAR Eczema Center is to create solutions to better support people with eczema. Just like in patient care, we know in order to create successful outcomes, we need to listen and work with the people we hope to help. In order to do this, we invite patients and caregivers to join us as CLEAR Eczema Patient Advocates

As part of being a CLEAR Eczema Patient Advocate, we will solicit your feedback on projects such as:

  • Research studies
  • Needs analyses
  • Eczema care clinics
  • Educational content
  • Events

Eczema Exposed Doctor Discussion Guides

Eczema Exposed created discussion guides to help patients and caregivers navigate their eczema medical appointments. You are the expert on how eczema is affecting your life, and we encourage you to advocate for your and your family's needs during your care.

Child Caregiver Doctor Discussion Guide

Adult Doctor Discussion Guide