Space Planning

Campus Planning and Real Estate (CPRE) ensures efficient utilization of space at OHSU and supports the University's space planning and allocation process in coordination with the OHSU Space Committees. You can read more about OHSU’s space optimization initiatives.

CPRE maintains a database of almost 9 million square feet of space (an inventory of 18,000 rooms) to track all space, and updates floor plans to reflect space changes across the University, including additions and remodels. This database is critical for space planning and programming efforts, understanding space utilization and availability, and producing reports for other OHSU departments. Every year, OHSU department space coordinators assist CPRE in updating space data through the Annual Space Survey - OHSU Employees only. 

Space Request

Departments seeking additional space must submit a Space Request Form.  The information provided by departments in these forms will assist CPRE and the Space Committees in identifying appropriate space.

  • Room Type Change - All room type change requests should be submitted to CPRE via a Space Request/Space Relinquishment Form.

Faculty Start-up Lease Request

  1. Lease Request:  Faculty start-ups and non-OHSU companies seeking to lease OHSU space should submit a Non-OHSU Company Request to Lease OHSU Space form to Campus Planning & Real Estate, which will be reviewed by the Space Committee for approval. Faculty Start-up Lease Request approval is contingent on the space meeting OHSU’s Bond Private Business Use requirements, determined in coordination with CPRE and Central Financial Services.

    See addition resources on the OHSU Innovates page, including Technology Transfer requirements.

    OHSU Departments seeking to lease external space or renew an existing lease should follow the process on the Real Estate page.

  2. Business Planning and Programming:  If tenant improvements are needed, Design and Construction initiates the business planning phase to scope the project request, concluding with a draft project charter and leads the programming phase with may include test fit drawings, space layout, high level schedule and cost estimate.
  3. Lease Negotiation:  Real Estate Manager will negotiate the lease with the tenant and prepare a lease abstract, documenting the rent and operating expenses. If approved by the customer, CPRE executes the lease.
  4. Design, Construction and Move-in:  Design and Construction prepares the space for the new tenant. This process may include selecting an architect and general contractor, weekly construction meetings, acquiring permits landlord approval, certificate of occupancy, etc.  See Design and Construction Project Delivery Process.

Space Relinquishment

Departments seeking to give up any portion of their space for other purposes must submit the appropriate University or Hospitals & Clinics Space Relinquishment Form.  Please see the Space Relinquishment Guidelines.

Departments seeking to transfer a conference room or classroom to EdCOMM must submit a Space Relinquishment form to CPRE, which will coordinate the approval. See Conference Room Reassignment policy for additional information.

Moving Guidelines

Moving out of a space requires coordination between several OHSU departments, and the process varies depending on location, type of space, and other factors. Departments that have relinquished space should follow the appropriate moving guidelines below.

Questions about OHSU space allocation may be directed to Elizabeth Johnson, All other inquiries may be sent to