Meet the Team

CPRE Org Chart March 2022
Alishia Goforth picture
Alishia Goforth

Alishia Goforth, Real Estate Project Coordinator
503 418-2040

Alishia joined OHSU full time in 1998 after working as a student for two summers prior. She has extensive experience working with executive leadership and managing programs. The majority of her career at OHSU has been in Hospital Finance working with the CFO. She is extremely driven, customer service, and detail-oriented is her specialty. She is currently attending school and plans to get a degree in business with a focus on finance. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the Oregon coast, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Carley Engleson pic
Carley Engleson

Carley Engleson, Business Data Analyst 2 
503 494-4523

Carley joined OHSU in 2018 after graduating from Portland State University with her Bachelor of Science degree, first working in the Surgical Pathology lab to practice and expand her anatomical biology & histology skills. To further her knowledge and expand career opportunities, she obtained her certificate of Data Analytics & Visualizations through the University of Oregon, and shortly thereafter was welcomed into the Campus Planning & Real Estate team as a data analyst & annual space survey administrator. She loves spending time with her fiancé and their two dogs, Wahya and Remy, who enjoy long walks around the neighborhood. Sweet baked goods are some of her specialties, and she is an excellent and often experimental home cook (thanks to YouTube) whose food always turns out delicious.

Cecilia Hetrick picture
Cecilia Hetrick

Cecilia Hetrick, Lease Administrator/Manager
503 494-2325

Cecilia joined OHSU in 1989 transferring from the University of Oregon where she worked while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (study of language).  She has been working with contracts and real property documents since 1980. She currently manages Real Property and Lease business processes and documents for Campus Planning & Real Estate across OHSU’s multiple missions.  When not focused on analytics of OHSU historical and current legal documents, she enjoys crafting, baking, music and movies, reading and researching alternative health options.

Elizabeth Johnson picture
Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson, Space Planning Manager
503 494-0110

Elizabeth manages OHSU’s space planning and space allocations, working with campus leadership and staff to achieve the goals of OHSU and guide long-range space planning and workplace strategy.  She manages both the University and Hospital space committees and oversees the Dominos and Tetris of space planning at OHSU.  Elizabeth has a Master’s in Interior Architecture and has been working at OHSU since the solar eclipse of 2017.  When not at work she is making things:  food, drink, clothing and the occasional artwork.

Greg Gonzalez picture
Greg Gonzalez

Greg Gonzalez, Real Estate Manager
503 494-2975
503 577-1792 mobile

Greg joined OHSU in late 2021 after establishing himself as a top commercial real estate broker for over 20 years in the Portland Metro market.  He has extensive experience in the leasing and sales of commercial properties, most recently with CBRE.  Greg is responsible the overall management and strategic planning of OHSU’s leased property portfolio, from negotiating new leases and renewals to evaluating alternative locations.    He received his degree in Economics from Stanford University.  In his free time, he enjoys traveling to sunny places and stays active with tennis, golf, fishing and the occasional surf session.

Jodi Hoeft picture
Jodi Hoeft

Jodi Hoeft, Real Estate Finance & Accounting Analyst
503 346-0058

Jodi joined the OHSU Hospital Finance department in 2010 where she worked general ledger items, budgeting for leases and facility use fee invoicing.  She transferred to Campus Planning and Real Estate in 2014, and currently manages all the active Real Property Lease payments, invoices, and budgeting for OHSU. When not working on Leasing accounting analytics, enjoys reading, crocheting, baking, music and traveling.

Sara Vonde Veld picture
Sara Vonde Veld

Sara Vonde Veld, Director
503 496-0059

Sara leads OHSU’s department of Campus Planning and Real Estate.  It is the responsibility of her and her team to enhance, sustain and optimize the physical assets – the land and the buildings – of OHSU. Sara strives to preserve and enhance the character of OHSU’s campuses and to address future growth in an environmentally and fiscally sustainable manner.  Sara is responsible for the development of campus growth for OHSU’s 3 mission areas – research, education and healthcare - throughout the state of Oregon, including coordination with OHSU’s regional health system partners. She oversees the university’s long-range campus planning, early development of capital projects, space planning and real estate leasing. Sara has a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning and has been working at OHSU since 2010. According to my kids, my hobbies are walking, sleeping, cleaning the closets and looking at my phone.

Sue Braylin picture
Sue Braylin

Sue Braylin, Drafter 3
503 494-2238

Sue joined OHSU in 1999 and brings over two decades of excellence and experience to the Campus Planning Office, with an unmatched knowledge and understanding of OHSU’s enriched architectural history. In addition to a mastery in design and space management, Sue is a highly-trained draftsman who works seamlessly with architects and engineers to design and create 2D and 3D computer models of building and floor plans from blueprints from scratch. She is a positive and enthusiastic connection between several related services departments, internal and external, effected by the integral changes to these complex floor plans and remodels. She is an industry-leader in technology and responsible for facilitating the campus planning and implementation process. When not focused on ever changing design and construction she dominates the pacific northwest in women’s softball as a highly skilled pitcher. When not on the fields or measuring buildings, she enjoys walks with her three dogs and fiancé.


Tara Mather picture
Tara Mather

Tara Mather, Associate Director
503 494-0973
Tara joined OHSU in 2016 where she leads campus and facility planning projects that support institutional growth and align real estate development and campus improvement projects with long-term visions for OHSU’s four campuses and presence across Oregon. Tara has her Master’s degree in Urban Planning, and supports Campus Planning & Real Estate on strategic initiatives, bringing expertise in land use, urban design, data analysis and visualization, project planning and stakeholder coordination. She enjoys delving into the complexities of the University, and working on projects that contribute to making OHSU a positive place to work, and improves campus access. When she’s not at her desk, Tara may be found digging in the garden, exploring swimming holes, or tending to her sourdough.