Applicant Information

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms are found on the OHSU campus in the spring.

How to apply

Fellowship applications are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).  

To apply, you will need the following:

  • ERAS Fellowship Application
  • Personal Statement
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • USMLE Transcript

Important dates

Early June:  ERAS Opens - Begin working on your application.
Mid-July:  ERAS Application visible to programs
Mid-August:  Deadline to submit ERAS Application

September/October:  Interviews, held on Wednesdays (Not receiving an invitation to interview by August 31 means that you have not been selected to interview. If you have a specific interest in OHSU and have not been invited, please email us explaining your particular circumstances. We will review your application and extend an interview if a cancelation arises).


Interviews will continue to be conducted virtually for the 2022-2023 season, including for OHSU residents. While we acknowledge that virtual meetings result in some loss in our ability to present all aspects of our programs and connect with you on a personal level, we strongly believe that they support equity and minimize our carbon footprint.  Traveling for in-person interviews is a timely and expensive endeavor and does not promote equity for trainees in the ways our program believes it should. In addition, we contend that physicians should consider climate change and its indirect impact on the social determinants of health of our patients. We believe that our commitment to keeping interviews virtual this year will support a more equitable, financially-secure, and climate-sustainable approach to future seasons. We hope that our plan will encourage you to apply and learn about the outstanding and supportive rheumatology training our program offers!

Sample Interview Day:

7:25am                       Check-in with Fellowship Coordinator

7:30-8am                   Coffee with the Chief

8-9am                         Rheumatology Grand Rounds

9-930am                    OHSU Fellowship: Nuts & Bolts

930am-12pm            Meet our Faculty: One-on-one

12-1pm                      Facts from the Front: Lunch with our fellows

1-15pm                      Wrap-up: Final Q&A with Program Director

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