Sculpture with Daniel McClintik quote, "The obstacle to discovery is the illusion of knowledge".
Quote at Richard Jones by Daniel McClintick, OHSU Digital Commons

Fellows receive practical and theoretical training in the principles of research, including training in the ethical conduct of research, enabling them to evaluate scientific literature and become a critical decision-maker. Every fellow is encouraged to submit at least one abstract to a national meeting and to play a significant role in at least one paper submitted for publication.

OHSU offers many opportunities for immunology, translational, and clinical research. Early in fellowship, fellows are mentored to identify and develop a research project that can be completed during the course of their training. 

If committed to an academic career in clinical research, fellows may consider applying to the Human Investigator Program available at OHSU. The program is a one to two-year competitive certificate program providing training in all phases of clinical research including epidemiologic research methods, biostatistics, evidence-based medicine, outcomes research methods, and medical informatics methods. Fellows can choose to complete the program or audit specific classes. Realistically, participation in the HIP program would not begin until second year and would require a third year, contingent upon available funding to complete.


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The Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute provides a coordinated infrastructure of core research tools to serve clinical research investigators and research staff.