AIRC Visitor Safety



Visitors are individuals who are temporarily visiting the AIRC facilities under the supervision of trained Operator

Visitor Safety Hazards

Visitor safety hazards are similar to those experienced by Workers.  For more information regarding potential risks of an MR study, see Worker Safety Hazards  It is the responsibility of Operators to be aware of potential hazards to Visitors and to supervise them during the entire visit to AIRC facilities. 


Visitor Restrictions

  • Visitors are not allowed to enter an MR Instrument Control Room or MR Scan Room (Scanning Suite) while a research study is in progress.
  • Visitors may enter an MR Instrument Control Room, controlled by keypads at the AIRC, or MR Scan Room (Scanning Suite) only under the supervision of a trained Operator.


Visitor Safety Training

No safety training is required for Visitors to enter the magnetic field.



For answers to Visitor Safety Questions, contact William Woodward