Safety Policies and Procedures


Safty Policies and Procedures

The purpose of AIRC Safety Policies and Procedures is to maintain safe laboratory practices during research procedures in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging areas. MR related injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage can be the result of failure to follow established safety guidelines.



  • MR Scan Room (Scanning Suite): Room that contains MR Instrument. The magnetic field is always on.
  • MR Control Room: Keypad-accessed room that contains computer consoles necessary to operate the MR Instrument. This room does notcontain an MR Instrument.


Safety Hazards

The use of Magnetic Resonance (MR) presents known safety hazards. Policies have been developed so that employees, researchers, students, colleagues, study subjects, and associated equipment remain safe in the magnetic environment at the AIRC. The potential hazards encountered by the individual vary depending on the level of interaction with the MR Instrument.



Safety Training

  • For specific information regarding training policies and procedures, see Training & Safety


  • Illness: An individual or research subject who becomes ill or injured must be removed immediately from the magnetic environment by the researcher or MR Instrument operator.
  • Magnet Emergencies: If there is a magnet emergency, contact the MR Safety Officer immediately or any AIRC personnel.
  • Reporting: The researcher must report any emergency incident to the MR Safety Officer.

Infection Control

  • Cleaning Surfaces: The scanning table and any other surfaces that have come in contact with the research subject must be cleaned and the linens changed BEFORE placing another research subject on the scanning table. Cleaning supplies are provided.
  • Gloves: Gloves must be removed and disposed of properly BEFORE touching common areas such as MR Instrument keyboard, log books, light switches, counter surfaces and other objects.
  • Biohazard: All biohazard material must be disposed of according to regulations.


  • Injuries: Injuries to personnel or a research subject must be reported to the Principal Investigator (PI) and the MR Safety Officer.
  • Projectile Accidents: Any incident or near incident of a projectile accident must be reported by the MR Instrument Operator or researcher involved to the MR Safety Officer or AIRC administrative staff.
  • Equipment Damage: Equipment damage and or failures must be reported by the MR Instrument operator to Tom Barbara, William Woodward, or another AIRC staff member.
  • Safety Breaches: Facility safety breaches must be reported by the MR Instrument operator to the MR Safety Officer.



For further information regarding Safety Policies and Procedures, contact William Woodward