Recent Publications

Journal of Virology, October 17, 2018
Acute infection and subsequent subclinical reactivation of herpes simplex
virus-2 after vaginal inoculation of rhesus macaques

Nature Communications, September 27, 2018
Hallmarks of primate lentiviral immunodeficiency infection recapitulate loss of
innate lymphoid cells

Current Opinion in Immunology, September 13, 2018
Corrigendum to 'Unusual antigen presentation offers new insight into HIV vaccine

Journal of Virology, August 29, 2018
Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Persistence in Cellular and Anatomic Reservoirs in
Antiretroviral Therapy-Suppressed Infant Rhesus Macaques

Nature Communications, August 7, 2018
Pathogen-derived HLA-E bound epitopes reveal broad primary anchor pocket
tolerability and conformationally malleable peptide binding

Nature Medicine, August 6, 2018
Early antiretroviral therapy limits SIV reservoir establishment to delay or prevent post-treatment viral rebound 

Nature Medicine, July 30, 2018
Experimental Microbial dysbiosis does not promote disease progression in
SIV-infected macaques

PLOS, July 12, 2018
Gammaherpesvirus infection and malignant disease in rhesus macaques
experimentally infected with SIV or SHIV

J. Virology, July 11, 2018
SIV persistence in cellular and anatomic reservoirs in ART-suppressed infant
rhesus macaques

Nat Med, July 2, 2018
Miscarriage and stillbirth following maternal Zika virus infection in nonhuman

Front Immunol, June 18, 2018
Follicular CD4 T Helper Cells As a Major HIV Reservoir Compartment: A Molecular

Mucosal Immunol, June 15, 2018
Intestinal damage precedes mucosal immune dysfunction in SIV infection

Antiviral Research, April 27, 2018
Characterization and structure-activity relationship analysis of a class of
antiviral compounds that directly bind dengue virus capsid protein and are
incorporated into virions

Nature Reviews Immunology, March 19, 2018
Nonhuman primate models of human viral infections

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, March 15, 2018
Potent Immune Modulation by MEDI6383, an Engineered Human OX40 Ligand IgG4P
Fc Fusion Protein

Frontiers In Immunology, March 6, 2018
In Utero Administration of Drugs Targeting Microglia Improves
the Neurodevelopmental Outcome Following Cytomegalovirus Infection of the Rat
Fetal Brain

Frontiers In Immunology, March 2, 2018
Visualizing the Immune System: Providing Key
Insights into HIV/SIV Infections

J. Virology, February 26, 2018
Emerging Alphaviruses are Sensitive to Cellular States Induced by a Novel
Small Molecule Agonist of the STING Pathway

J. Virology, February 26, 2018
Antagonism of the protein kinase R pathway in human cells by rhesus

Nature Medicine, January 15, 2018
Prevention of tuberculosis in rhesus macaques by a cytomegalovirus-based vaccine

Retrovirology, January 9, 2018
Next-generation in situ hybridization approaches to define and quantify HIV and
SIV reservoirs in tissue microenvironments

J. Virology, January 2, 2018
Combination Adenovirus and Protein Vaccines Prevent Infection or Reduce Viral
Burden after Heterologous Clade C SHIV Mucosal Challenge

J. Virology, January 1, 2018
The Role of MHC-E in T Cell Immunity Is Conserved among Humans, Rhesus
Macaques, and Cynomolgus Macaques

Nature Communications, December 15, 2017
Hepatocytic expression of human sodium-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide
enables hepatitis B virus infection of macaques

Nature Communications, November 10, 2017
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in fully MHC-matched Mauritian cynomolgus
macaques recapitulates diverse human clinical outcomes

PLOS, November 9, 2017
Quantitative membrane proteomics reveals a role for tetraspanin enriched
microdomains during entry of human cytomegalovirus

J. Virology, November 1, 2017
An Epstein-Barr Virus MicroRNA Blocks Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Signaling by Targeting IL-1 Receptor 1

mSphere, October 4, 2017
Cloning, Assembly, and Modification of the Primary Human Cytomegalovirus Isolate
Toledo by Yeast-Based Transformation-Associated Recombination

J. Virology, October 4, 2017
Full-length isoforms of KSHV LANA accumulate in the cytoplasm of cells undergoing the lytic cycle of replication

JoVE, August 25, 2017
An In Vitro Model for Studying Cellular Transformation by Kaposi Sarcoma

Springer, August 15, 2017
High-Throughput Screening for Identification of Novel Innate Immune Activators

Virology (Hyderabad), July 31, 2017
Modulation of the NFkb Signalling Pathway by Human Cytomegalovirus

Elsevier, July 19, 2017
CD8+ T cell programming by cytomegalovirus vectors: applications in prophylactic
and therapeutic vaccination

July 4, 2017
Roles of Non-coding RNAs During Herpesvirus Infection

PLOS, June 19, 2017
Therapeutic administration of a recombinant human monoclonal antibody reduces
the severity of chikungunya virus disease in rhesus macaques

Elsevier, May 12, 2017
Unusual antigen presentation offers new insight into HIV vaccine design

mBio, May 2, 2017
A Novel Agonist of the TRIF Pathway Induces a Cellular State Refractory to
Replication of Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue Viruses

Scientific Reports, April 20, 2017
Human Cytomegalovirus Induces Cellular and Humoral Virus-specific Immune
Responses in Humanized BLT Mice

Front Microbiology, April 3, 2017
The Heme Metabolite Carbon Monoxide Facilitates KSHV Infection by Inhibiting
TLR4 Signaling in Endothelial Cells

PLOS, March 9, 2017
Zika Virus infection of rhesus macaques leads to viral persistence in
multiple tissues

mBio, March 7, 2017
Human Cytomegalovirus MicroRNAs miR-US5-1 and miR-UL112-3p Block
Proinflammatory Cytokine Production in Response to NF-kB-Activating Factors
through Direct Downregulation of IKKa and IKKB

Journal of Virology, February 1, 2017
A microRNA screen identifies the Wnt signaling pathway as a regulator of the
interferon response during Flavivirus infection

American Society for Cell Biology, January 1, 2017
p120-catenin regulates VE-cadherin endocytosis and degradation induced by the
Kaposi sarcoma-associated ubiquitin ligase K5

PLOS, December 15, 2016
Peptide Processing Is Critical for T-Cell Memory Inflation and May Be Optimized
to Improve Immune Protection by CMV-Based Vaccine Vectors

PLOS, December 7, 2016
Microbial Translocation and Inflammation Occur in Hyperacute Immunodeficiency
Virus Infection and Compromise Host Control of Virus Replication

The Journal of Infectious Diseases, December 5, 2016
Animal Models of Chikungunya Virus Infection and Disease

Nature Communications, November 30, 2016
Additives for vaccine storage to improve thermal stability of adenoviruses from
hours to months

eLife, November 22, 2016
A Herpesviral induction of RAE-1 NKG2D ligand expression occurs through release
of HDAC mediated repression

Methods in Molecular Biology, November 22, 2016
Analysis of Viral and Cellular MicroRNAs in EBV-Infected Cells

PLOS, November 9, 2016
Cross-Species Rhesus Cytomegalovirus Infection of Cynomolgus Macaques

Immunity, October 18, 2016
Antiviral CD8+ T Cells Restricted by Human Leukocyte Antigen Class II Exist
during Natural HIV Infection and Exhibit Clonal Expansion

Mucosal Immunology - Nature, October 19, 2016
MR1-restricted Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells respond to
mycobacterial vaccination and infection in nonhuman primates

Journal of Virology, October 15, 2016
Japanese Macaque Rhadinovirus Encodes a Viral MicroRNA Mimic of the miR-17

PLOS, October 13, 2016
Dysregulated TGF-β Production Underlies the Age-Related Vulnerability to
Chikungunya Virus

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, September 1, 2016
A new perspective of the structural complexity of HCMV-specific T-cell responses

PLOS, August 31, 2016
Natural Killer Cell Evasion Is Essential for Infection by Rhesus Cytomegalovirus

The Journal of Immunology, August 15, 2016
Effect of Anti-IL-15 Administration on T Cell and NK Cell Homeostasis in Rhesus

PNAS, August 2, 2016
Viral binding-induced signaling drives a unique and extended intracellular
trafficking pattern during infection of primary monocytes

PLOS, July 29, 2016
Cytomegalovirus Infection of the Rat Developing Brain In Utero
Prominently Targets Immune Cells and Promotes Early Microglial Activation

PLOS, June 2, 2016
Humans Galectin-9 Is a Potent Mediator of HIV Transcription and Reactivation

The Journal of Immunology, April 1, 2016
Achieving Potent Autologous Neutralizing Antibody Responses against Tier 2 HIV-1
Viruses by Strategic Selection of Envelope Immunogens

Nature, March 21, 2016
Early short-term treatment with neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies halts
SHIV infection in infant macaques

American Society for Microbiology, March 1, 2016
Complex Interplay of the UL136 Isoforms Balances Cytomegalovirus Replication and

Science, January 21, 2016
Broadly targeted CD8+ T cell responses restricted by major
histocompatibility complex E

Journal of Immunology, September 28, 2015
Effect of IL-7 Therapy on Naive and Memory T Cell Homeostasis in Aged Rhesus

Journal of Virology, June 17, 2015
The ORF61 protein encoded by Simian Varicella Virus and Varicella Zoster Virus
inhibits NFκB signaling by interfering with IκBα degradation

American Society For Microbiology, June 4, 2015
Kaposi Sarcoma Herpesvirus Induces HO-1 during De
Infection of Endothelial Cells via Viral miRNA-Dependent and
-Independent Mechanisms

PLOS Pathogens, May 14, 2015
Varicella Viruses Inhibit Interferon-Stimulated JAK-STAT Signaling through
Multiple Mechanisms

Nature, January 19, 2015
B cell follicle sanctuary permits persistent productive simian immunodeficiency
virus infection in elite controllers

Nature Medicine, January 15, 2015
HIV: Seeking ultimate victory

Virology, November 19, 2014
A simian hemorrhagic fever virus isolate from persistently infected baboons
efficiently induces hemorrhagic fever disease in Japanese macaques

Journal of Virology, November 5, 2014
Short Conserved Sequences of HIV-1 Are Highly Immunogenic and Shift

mBio, October 28, 2014
Human Cytomegalovirus-Encoded pUL7 Is a Novel CEACAM1-Like Molecule Responsible
for Promotion of Angiogenesis

Virology Reports, October 22, 2014
Full genome sequence analysis of a novel adenovirus of rhesus macaque origin
indicates a new simian adenovirus type and species

Nature Medicine, October 21, 2014
B cell follicle sanctuary permits persistent productive simian
immunodeficiency virus infection in elite controllers

Nature Reviews Microbiology, October 8, 2014
Novel vaccine vectors for HIV-1

Embo Reports, June 30, 2014
Are effector memory T cells the key to an effective HIV/AIDS vaccine?