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Philanthropy plays an important role in the Institute’s goals to promote the understanding, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases. Through philanthropic financial support, individual donors, foundations, and corporations can participate in advancing our scientific knowledge.

People around the world have been touched personally, or have family or friends that have suffered from the diseases that VGTI is fighting. Your philanthropic support, along with like-minded individuals and business leaders, ensures that our scientists continue their critical mission of working on the promise of tomorrow—today.

These funds augment our grant funding and allow us to develop better health outcomes sooner. There is no greater investment in the future of healthcare for you and your family than providing support to VGTI.

Your gifts to the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute provide vital resources to conduct innovative research studies, equip state-of-the-art laboratories, support future research programs and recruit and retain top scientific leaders.

With the support of dedicated partners like you, we are helping to create future vaccine developments and to turn patients into survivors.

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Your gifts help provide vital resources to conduct innovative research and more.