Postdoctoral position available

New postdoctoral fellow position for the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute

A position is available for a highly motivated individual with cellular and molecular immunology experience to work on the development of cytomegalovirus-based vaccines. This job will be part of a multi-team effort to generate recombinant, attenuated cytomegalovirus vectors for SIV/HIV vaccine trials in animals and humans. This individual must be a team player and have demonstrated ability to perform within time constraints and reach defined milestones.

Experience in the following techniques is desirable: Molecular cloning, cell culture including DNA transfections and retroviral transductions, DNA and protein analyses, bacterial artificial chromosome-based cloning technology and general virological techniques.

Individuals should have an M.D. or Ph.D. and a thorough knowledge of molecular biology, cell culture and virology. Dependent upon experience, salary will range between $48,432 - $59,736.

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