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Event Name Date Location Team Member Presenting or Attending
Gerontological Society of America
(GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting
Nov. 14-18, 2018Boston, MADr. Raina Croff (Presenting)
Dr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
Dr. Zach Beattie (Presenting)


Past Events


Event NameDateLocationTeam Member Presenting or Attending
IEEE/ACM Conference on
Connected Health (CHASE)
Sept. 26-28, 2018Washington, D.C.Dr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)

Alzheimer's Association
Conference (AAIC)

July 21 - 26, 2018Chicago, ILDr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
Dr. Christina Reynolds (Presenting)
Dr. Neil Thomas (Presenting)
Dr. Kathy Wild (Presenting)
Dr. Nina Silverberg (Attending)
4th Federal Interagency Conference
Traumatic Brain Injury

(Session: Innovations in Smart Home
Technologies for Brain Injuries)
June 11, 2018Washington, D.C.Dr. Zach Beattie (Presenting)
BIO International Convention 2018
(Session: Data Standardization
in Digital Biomarkers)
June 6, 2018Boston, MADr. Zach Beattie (Presenting)
Judith Kornfeld, M.B.A. (Attending)
National Academy of Science
Neuro Forum

(Harnessing Mobile Technology
June 5, 2018Washington, D.C. Dr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
June 4, 2018Bethesda, MDDr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
2018 NIH Alzheimer's Research
May 24, 2018Bethesda, MDDr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
Alzheimer's Day at
Northwestern University

(The Mendelson Lecture)
May 10, 2018Chicago, ILDr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting)
11th World Conference of
May 7, 2018St. Petersburg, FLDr. Jeffrey Kaye (Presenting,
Keynote Speaker)