Our Team

Organizational layout

Organizational chart of the staff members involved with the CART study

Principal investigators

  • Dr. Jeffrey Kaye – Director of ORCATECH, Professor of Neurology and Biomedical Engineering at OHSU
  • Stephen Agritelley – Director of Health Strategy and Solutions at INTEL
  • Nina Silverberg – Chief Science Office at the National Institute on Aging (NIA)


The CART Steering Committee is made up of Principal Investigators, the leaders of the three cores– Administrative, Data and Resources – the Chief External Engagement Officer, a Community Advisory Panel and a Scientific Consulting Panel.

The Administrative Core consists of four additional committees and the four research sites.

  • LEAD: Dr. Jeffrey Kaye
  • LEAD: Stephen Agritelley
  • LEAD: Judith Kornfeld – Chief Operations and Business Officer at ORCATECH
  • Tracy Zitzelberger – Administrator

External Relations Committee

  • LEAD: Judith Kornfeld 

Communications Committee

  • LEAD: Dr. Sara Czaja
  • Ona Golonka –Communications Coordinator

Ethics and Policy Committee

  • LEAD: Dr.Jason Karlawish –Gerontologist and Public Policy and Ethics Expert at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Katherine Wild  
  • Dr. LisaBarnes

Information Dissemination and Publications Committee

  • LEAD: Dr.Lisa Barnes

Four Research Sites


  • Site PI:Jeffery Kaye
  • Jennifer Marcoe – Study Coordinator

Veterans Affairs

  • Site PI: Dr. Lisa Silbert
  • Rachel Wall – Study Coordinator

University of Miami

  • Site PI: Dr. Sara Czaja
  • Chin-Chin Lee – Study Coordinator

Rush University

  • Site PI: Dr. Lisa Barnes
  • Charlene Gamboa – Study Coordinator

  • LEAD: Dr. Kathleen Crowe –Director of Data Science for Big Data Solutions at Intel
  • LEAD: Dr. Hiroko Dodge –Associate Professor of Neurology at OHSU and at the University of Michigan
  • Zach Beattie –Data Manager for CART, Data Manager for ORCATECH
  • Nora Mattek –Statistician for CART, Statistician for the Layton Center at OHSU
  • Christy Reynolds –Post-Doc for CART, Post-Doc at ORCATECH

  • LEAD: Dr. Patrick Chiang – Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the VLSI Laboratory at Oregon State University.
  • LEAD: Dr. Sara Czaja – Director of CREATE, Scientific Director of the Center on Aging at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Nicole Sharma – Technical Manager for CART, Program Manager for ORCATECH
  • Thomas Riley – Technical Lead for CART, Technical Lead for ORCATECH

  • Nina Silverberg
  • Partha Bhattacharyya – Program Officer at the NIA