Our Team

Organizational layout

The CART team is made up of several advisory panel members, principal investigators, and coordinators in charge of the four research sites. The advisory panel members lead the organizational chart and oversee what the principal investigators and coordinators do.

Principal investigators

  • Dr. Jeffrey Kaye – Director of ORCATECH, Professor of Neurology and Biomedical Engineering at OHSU
  • Stephen Agritelley – Director of Health Strategy and Solutions at INTEL
  • Nina Silverberg – Chief Science Office at the National Institute on Aging (NIA)


The CART Steering Committee is made up of Principal Investigators, the leaders of the three cores– Administrative, Data and Resources – the Chief External Engagement Officer, a Community Advisory Panel and a Scientific Consulting Panel.

The Administrative Core consists of four additional committees and the four research sites.

  • LEAD: Dr. Jeffrey Kaye
  • LEAD: Stephen Agritelley
  • LEAD: Judith Kornfeld – Chief Operations and Business Officer at ORCATECH
  • Tracy Zitzelberger – Administrator

External Relations Committee

  • LEAD: Judith Kornfeld 

Communications Committee

  • LEAD: Dr. Sara Czaja
  • Ona Golonka –Communications Coordinator

Ethics and Policy Committee

  • LEAD: Dr.Jason Karlawish –Gerontologist and Public Policy and Ethics Expert at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Katherine Wild  
  • Dr. LisaBarnes

Information Dissemination and Publications Committee

  • LEAD: Dr.Lisa Barnes

Four Research Sites


  • Site PI:Jeffery Kaye
  • Jennifer Marcoe – Study Coordinator

Veterans Affairs

  • Site PI: Dr. Lisa Silbert
  • Rachel Wall – Study Coordinator

University of Miami

  • Site PI: Dr. Sara Czaja
  • Chin-Chin Lee – Study Coordinator

Rush University

  • Site PI: Dr. Lisa Barnes
  • Charlene Gamboa – Study Coordinator
  • LEAD: Dr. Kathleen Crowe –Director of Data Science for Big Data Solutions at Intel
  • LEAD: Dr. Hiroko Dodge –Associate Professor of Neurology at OHSU and at the University of Michigan
  • Zach Beattie –Data Manager for CART, Data Manager for ORCATECH
  • Nora Mattek –Statistician for CART, Statistician for the Layton Center at OHSU
  • Christy Reynolds –Post-Doc for CART, Post-Doc at ORCATECH
  • LEAD: Dr. Patrick Chiang – Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the VLSI Laboratory at Oregon State University.
  • LEAD: Dr. Sara Czaja – Director of CREATE, Scientific Director of the Center on Aging at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Nicole Sharma – Technical Manager for CART, Program Manager for ORCATECH
  • Thomas Riley – Technical Lead for CART, Technical Lead for ORCATECH
  • Nina Silverberg
  • Partha Bhattacharyya – Program Officer at the NIA

Stay tuned for more information about the Community Advisory Panel.