Dr. Thomas is co-author of the long-term outcome analysis of RTOG 98-11 abstract

Dr. Thomas is co-author, representing SWOG GI Committee, of the long-term outcome analysis of RTOG 98-11, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.  The report, "Long-term update of the US GI intergroup RTOG 98-11 phase III trial for anal carcinoma: survival, relapse, and colostomy failure with concurrent chemoradiation involving fluorouracil/mitomycin versus fluorouracil/cisplatin" includes the following contributors: Drs. Len Gunderson (lead author), Lathy Winter (RTOG GI lead statistician), Jaffer Ajani (overall study PI), John Pedersen, Jennifer Moughan, Al Benson III, CR Thomas Jr., Robert J. Mayer, Michael Haddock, Tyvin Rich, and Chris Willett.