Workshop on Computational and Experimental Approaches to Study Tumor Heterogeneity 2021

Cancer Systems Biology Consortium and M2CH - CSBC Center

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April 27 and 28, 2021

Virtual workshop hosted by Oregon Health & Science University
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Join us for this workshop which will focus on:

  • Single Cell Measurements
  • Analytic Approaches to Study Tissue Heterogeneity
  • Experimental Models of Tissue Heterogeneity
  • Computational Modeling of Complex Systems

Speakers include:

Andrew Gentles, Calvin Kuo and Irene Li , from Stanford

Anton Kratz from UC San Diego

Marius Wiggert from UC Berkeley

Koei Chin, Hisham Mohammed, Andrew Adey, Olga Nikolova, Jim Korkola, Ellen Langer, Young Hwan Chang, Emek Demir, Joe Gray, Rosalie Sears and Laura Heiser from OHSU.


Heidi Feiler