Graduate Gerontology

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The School of Nursing is nationally known for its strength in practice-relevant gerontological nursing education. It's also known for research in a number of areas including dementia care, family care giving, and end-of-life care.

During the past two decades, gerontological nursing faculty at OHSU have developed pioneering education, practice and research projects that benefit older adults and those who care for them. The OHSU School of Nursing and Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence are pleased to offer the following innovative educational programs that enhance capacity to serve older adults.

Master's in Nursing Education

Smiling nurse with a patient
Advanced nursing practice and caring for older adults

The OHSU Master of Nursing Education (M.N.E.) program began accepting students in 2007. This program is designed for the bachelor’s prepared nurse who is interested in pursuing a career in teaching nursing and offers an option for a clinical population focus area in gerontological nursing. Careers can be either as a faculty member in a school of nursing or in staff development positions. All coursework taken during the M.N.E. program can apply to the Ph.D. in nursing degree.

Master of Nursing Education - learn more

Doctorate degree programs

The OHSU School of Nursing is proud to offer two state-of-the-art doctoral programs:

Ph.D. research doctorate
D.N.P. practice doctorate

The SON also offers two distinct pathways to a doctoral degree: the traditional post-master’s pathways and a post-baccalaureate to Ph.D. option.

Many students in our doctoral programs are committed to improving care to older adults. They also have diverse research and clinical interests including:

  • Preventive health care of older adults in community-based settings, with a focus on under-served people, including our veterans;
  • Frailty and quality-of-life;
  • End-of-life care and decision making; and
  • Pain assessment in older adults with dementia.

The gerontological expertise of OHSU faculty makes it possible for strong specialty courses. It also makes possible mentorship for Ph.D. students committed to improving care to older persons through advanced practice, education and research.

Learn more about our advanced practice programs and see if you can take a leadership role in changing the course of nursing science.

Nursing Ph.D. program - learn more

Doctor of Nursing Practice program - learn more

"These are exceptional students who are highly regarded by the faculty. They're high energy, creative thinkers who are showing strong evidence that they will be outstanding nurse scientists."

- Juliana Cartwright, Ph.D., R.N.

Student scholarships

OHSU nursing students demonstrate a commitment to careers in nursing education, practice, and research that will benefit older adults.  To support their studies, gerontological nursing students have successfully attracted over $4.6 million in financial support since 2002.

Michaelson Geriatric Endowed Scholarship for Master's in Nursing Education degrees - read more

Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees - read more

John A. Hartford Foundation

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Students collaborate at Vollum writing workshop

The John A. Hartford Foundation has created a strong tradition of building academic geriatric nursing capacity through mentorship. This helps prepare the next generations of gerontological nursing leaders. Here at the OHSU Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence faculty continue that tradition. Through mentoring, faculty commit to providing a firm foundation for academic careers. Our faculty work closely with Ph.D. students, advance practice nursing students, and undergraduate students. Together, they contribute substantively to the knowledge base related to care of older adults.