Television Interviews

9/06/19 - KGW, Ch.8: Local Researchers aim to improve ADHD treatment with NIH study
4 o'clock news segment with Dr. Kate Placzek from ZRT Labs regarding the development of blood spots in which to measure neurotransmitters and metabolites in children with ADHD

11/21/17 - KATU, Ch.2: OHSU scientists study whether micronutrients improve ADHD symptoms
Jeni Johnstone, Ph.D. was interviewed for KATU, Ch.2, 6 o'clock news segment on the Micronutrients in ADHD Youth, The MADDY Study

Podcast: "Beyond Well"

Dr. Jeni Johnstone is interviewed by Sheila Hamilton for her podcast, “Beyond Well” Natural treatment for kids’ ADHD segment

Documentary: "Breaking Points"

Dr. Jeni Johnstone was interviewed as part of “Breaking Points,” A 30-minute documentary for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Related Media

A 17-min TEDx talk by Professor Julia Rucklidge, of Univ of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

A 12-min video by Professor Bonnie Kaplan on the role of nutrition for stress, PTSD

A 45-min lecture by Kaplan at the Integrative Mental Health Conference, San Francisco, April 16, 2019

A 30-min lecture by Kaplan, to the Nutrition and Health Conference, run by the Univ of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine