Instructional Videos on Swallowing Pills

How To Swallow Pills by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan (19 mins, 35 seconds)

This incredibly helpful video focuses on how to teach children to swallow pills.
This training video was developed by Professor Bonnie Kaplan, in conjunction with the University of Calgary and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Start – Introduction and background on swallowing techniques
4:20 – Swallowing “homework”
9:21 – Practice sessions with water
15:40 – Reviewing the 5 head positions
17:46 – Parents and children talking about what worked

The New Method of Swallowing (8 mins 54 seconds)

Over the last 5 years, Bonnie Kaplan and her students in the Behavioural Research Unit / Dept of Paediatrics have worked with hundreds of children and adults to develop a new way to learn how to swallow pills.

Their method, based on head posture, is helping children who have difficulty swallowing their medication.