Course Descriptions

MGT 519 Program Management, 5 Credits

This course introduces and implements concepts in planning, leading and managing projects in healthcare. Frameworks are presented and applied to integrate a set of projects in a program to achieve a shared objective. The importance of adapting to complexity and ambiguity is discussed as it applies in healthcare settings. Communication skills are explored and practiced in leading and managing projects.

MGT 520 Organizational Mindsets for Managers, 5 credits

This course focuses on developing mindsets to effectively respond to organizational challenges. It also focuses on developing the ability to understand and influence human behavior in healthcare organizations using ethical approaches to building coalitions and influencing change. Students will explore the interaction of personal and organizational values in shaping managerial action.

MGT 530 Business Strategy, 4 credits

This course explores the external and internal factors that influence strategy within the healthcare industry. Drawing upon previous coursework and strategic theory and frameworks, students research, analyze, prepare recommendations, and predict likely outcomes for organizational strategy. Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 532 Design and Innovation, 4 credits

This course analyzes examples of innovation in healthcare and other industries. Frameworks and characteristics of innovative companies and leaders are studied and analyzed. Principles of design, including inquiry, inclusion, invention and implementation are introduced and practiced throughout the course. Barriers and opportunities for innovation that are unique to healthcare are studied and evaluated. Restricted to M.B.A. students.  

MGT 549 Business Intelligence, 4 credits

This course describes and applies concepts from business intelligence and elements of data mining, data visualization and business analytics to support managerial decisions and business strategy for driving change. Business intelligence concepts and tools are used to discover patterns and forecast future trends, then communicate them in actionable language. Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 552 Portfolio Management, 4 credits

This course presents and applies frameworks for the leadership and management of programs and portfolios. Frameworks are presented to integrate a set of projects to achieve a shared objective. Concepts for project prioritization and funding decisions are assessed for achieving strategic goals. Project management fundamentals are reviewed. Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 554 Capstone, 5 credits

Students integrate, synthesize and apply content from the graduate program toward solutions of real-time business problems and needs in healthcare. Frameworks are used to collect data and analyze organizational culture and strategy. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is used to assess the feasibility and viability of potential solutions. Recommendations based on data and analysis are presented in written reports and verbal presentations. 

MGT 560 Healthcare Systems, 5 credits

This course describes how the current U.S. health system is organized and the role of health reform. The course examines how healthcare in the U.S. differs from that in other industrialized countries and considers the prevalence and causes of health inequities. Ethical and practical questions and obstacles are considered in creating a high-functioning 21st century healthcare system. 

MGT 561 Financial Reporting, 4 credits

This course helps health care practitioners understand and work with financial statements and information. The course covers the fundamental accounting concepts necessary to understand financial statements and provides a practical, real-world model for understanding an organization's financial statements. 

MGT 564 Strategic Planning in Healthcare, 4 credits

This course focuses on interpretation and implementation of strategy. The course examines the major drivers that influence business planning in the healthcare environment. Students explore the connections from mission and vision to strategic planning to goal setting. Using frameworks, students research, analyze, and develop recommendations for long and short-term goals including motivation for change within the organization. 

MGT 565 Leadership Skills for Healthcare, 4 credits

This course offers tools for reflection, emotional self-regulation and communication with others who have different perspectives. The course also includes tools for resiliency, work-life alignment, and managing time, energy and attention in the course of a professional career. 

MGT 569 Marketing & Strategic Communications, 5 credits

This course introduces marketing and communications concepts and strategy within the healthcare industry. Specific consideration will be given to internal and external communication, connections among mission, strategy, and marketing, and using frameworks to make recommendations.  
Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 570 Operations and Quality Management, 5 credits

This course describes and analyzes how concepts, practices and tools of quality, process improvement and operations management are used in healthcare. The course introduces fundamentals of operating systems then analyzes the application of concepts and tools in process management, lean and capacity management to improve healthcare operations and quality. 

MGT 572 Financial Management, 4 credits

This course addresses key financial areas for healthcare managers including how organizations are financed, benchmarking, and joint ventures. The course explores how organization type, strategy, and assets impact financial decision making. 

MGT 575 Healthcare Economics, 4 credits

This course is an introduction to the field of health economics. Economic tools and concepts are used to examine the demand for and provision of health care services. Current approaches, theories and findings in health economics are presented, while stressing advances in economics that can be used by managers in healthcare settings. Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 576 Exec Decision Making, 5 credits

This course presents decision-making frameworks for improving the quality of strategic business decisions. Categories of business decisions and tools for each category are explored and analyzed. Concepts and tools in data analytics are presented and applied to support decisions, strategy, process improvement and performance management. Restricted to M.B.A. students. 

MGT 578 Managerial Decision Making, 4 credits

This course presents decision-making frameworks for improving the quality of managerial and strategic decisions in healthcare. Categories of professional decisions and tools for each category are explored and analyzed. Decision tools are introduced and applied to assist in the assessment of decision options and alignment with the organizational strategy. 

MGT 592 Strategic Communications, 4 credits

This course covers key topics in strategic communications in healthcare organizations. This includes frameworks for developing effective and strategic communication, written and spoken communication, and communication across a variety of media, audiences, and contexts.