Advanced Practice Provider Hematology/Oncology Fellowship

Entrance to the Knight Cancer Research Building

Our 12-month Advanced Practice Provider Hematology/Oncology Fellowship is designed for:

  • Newly graduated nurse practitioners and physician assistants seeking clinical experience in hematology/oncology.
  • APPs with no oncology background who want to transition to specialty care


Our program gives advanced practice providers a comprehensive framework to build a foundation of clinical knowledge, core competences and critical thinking skills.


We aim to achieve excellence by advancing education, research and clinical expertise that empowers the next generation of advanced practice providers in leadership with a comprehensive foundation in the field of oncology and the dedication to serve as compassionate, patient-centric providers from diagnosis to survivorship. 

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APP fellows will receive clinical and didactic education to gain hands-on experience while building a knowledge base across the continuum of oncology care, from early diagnosis through survivorship or end-of-life care. Clinical rotations encompass a variety of oncology subspecialties including hematologic malignancies, autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplant, CAR-T and other cellular therapies, and solid tumor malignancies, incorporating surgical, radiation and medical oncology, as well as supportive therapeutics such as palliative care and infectious disease.  Our comprehensive approach to post-graduate education provides opportunity for professional development for the next generation of APP leaders. 

Core curriculum

  • Benign hematology
  • Community hematology/oncology
  • Gastrointestinal malignancies
  • Genitourinary and prostate malignancies
  • Gynecologic oncology
  • Hematologic malignancies
  • Infectious disease
  • Lung
  • Medical/surgical breast oncology
  • Palliative care
  • Phase 1 clinical trials
  • Stem cell transplantation and CAR-T

Months 3 through 9:  Fellows will participate in a weekly continuity clinic with one of our community oncology partners.

Months 11 and 12:  Fellows choose a specialized area for an extended rotation.

Domain Learning objectives
Professional knowledge and skills Demonstrates general knowledge in the principles of medical, surgical, and radiation oncology and applies established and emerging biomedical scientific principles fundamental to the healthcare of hematology/oncology patients.
Professional identity and ethical behavior Performs self-assessment and actively seeks and incorporates constructive feedback from clinical performance data, faculty, mentors, peers, patients, and other members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team into daily practice to improve patient outcomes and process for lifelong learning.
Patient centered care Prioritizes differential diagnoses and makes informed decisions about diagnostic and therapeutic interventions based on patient information and preferences, scientific evidence, and clinical judgement while providing patient centered care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health in cancer patients.
Listens to, clearly informs, communicates with, and educates patients while incorporating shared decision making. Ensures patient understanding of disease status, prognosis, treatment options, and their agreement to management plan.
Information literacy Uses information technology to identify and apply evidenced-based information to support decision making and healthcare for cancer patients; develop one’s own practice; and set improvement goals that address limitations in knowledge, expertise, clinical practice skills, or attitudes.
Teamwork Practices collaboratively with all members of the healthcare team in a manner consistent with OHSU’s Code of Conduct to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.
Communication Elicits information from patients and electronic medical record in an organized, efficient manner based on appropriate differential diagnosis and summarizes information effectively both verbally and in writing for patient care and clinical activities.
Community engagement, social justice, and equity Implements patient management strategies that reduce health disparities, determines the influence of social determinants of health in patient’s interviews, and performs medical assessments that acknowledge and honor patient’s identity.
Demonstrates an awareness of implicit bias, incorporates critical self-reflection of one’s own knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices in regard to biases.

We accept two applicants for the program each year. By the start of the program, successful applicants must:

  • Be U.S. citizens or legally able to work in the U.S.
  • Have completed an accredited PA or NP master’s program
  • Have unencumbered licensure as either:
    • A physician assistant with the Oregon Medical Board
    • A nurse practitioner with the Oregon State Board of Nursing with certification in one of the following areas:
      • Family
      • Adult
      • Adult gerontology acute/primary care, or
      • Acute care
  • Have national board certification as a:
    • Physician assistant from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) within 6 months of beginning fellowship OR
    • Nurse practitioner from a nationally accredited organization such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)
    • Eligible for DEA licensure
    • BLS/ACLS certification
Benefits Expenses
Fellows will receive a competitive salary paid every two weeks. There are no tuition fees.
Fellows are eligible for OHSU’s benefits package, including insurance options for dependents, and funding for continuing medical education. Living expenses such as housing, meals, transportation and parking are at the fellow’s expense.
Each fellow gets two weeks of paid time off.
Fellows will receive a laptop to use during the program.
Fall 2023 Applications will be accepted between Dec. 1, 2023 and 11:59 p.m. Pacific on Feb. 29, 2024. Invitations for initial virtual interviews will be extended by March 4, 2024.
Winter 2024 Virtual interviews will be conducted between March 11 and March 15, 2024. Invitations for final on-site interviews will be extended by March 22, 2024.
Spring 2024 Final on-site interviews will take place April 26, 2024.* Please note, interviews may change to virtual. Candidates must pay for their own transportation and lodging. Notification of acceptance will be made May 3, 2024. Candidates must accept within one week.
Summer 2023 Candidates to obtain licensure, board certification and forward final transcripts.
Fall 2024 OHSU credentialing packet due Sept. 1, 2024.
Winter 2025 Fellowship begins Jan. 6, 2025.

Applications for entry into the winter 2025 cohort (January) will be accepted between Dec. 1, 2023 and 11:59 p.m. Pacific on Feb. 29, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted.

Required components

Submit the following as a complete package for your application to be considered:

  • Completed OHSU online application. Upload:
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Statement describing why you are pursuing a post-graduate fellowship and your career goals upon completion of this program. Format: No more than one page, double-spaced, in 12-point text. Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to express your original experiences. The use of generative AI technologies, like ChatGPT, in your personal statement is prohibited. If a submission is found to have used one of these tools, your application will be disqualified. You must include an attestation with your personal statement confirming it is an original work developed without the use of AI technology.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Evaluators must use official letterhead and email them directly to by 11:59 p.m. Pacific on Feb. 29, 2024. We will not accept letters from applicants.
    • New graduates must submit one letter from a physician or APP mentor, one from a faculty member of your graduate program, and a person of your choice who is qualified to comment on your professional practice.
    • Experienced APPs must submit one letter from a physician or APP mentor, one from a peer, and one from a person of your choice who is qualified to comment on your professional practice.
  • Unofficial PA or NP graduate transcripts. Your accredited program must email these directly to:

Oregon Health & Science University’s focus on healing, teaching and discovery—combined with our deep history in Oregon—is unique. We are the state’s only academic health center and one of the only universities in the U.S. devoted exclusively to educating doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and public health professionals. We treat the most complex health needs in the region, make discoveries that save lives, and train leaders to address societal issues that impede health.

As a world-renowned leader in the development of personalized cancer medicine, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center between Sacramento and Seattle. No other place in Oregon offers such a range of expertise and specialization for cancer treatment.

We are also the headquarters for the National Cancer Institute's SWOG collaborative, a cancer research cooperative group that designs and conducts multidisciplinary clinical trials.

Our mission is to end cancer as we know it.  We continue to change the way the world understands and fights this disease.

OHSU is filled with exceptional people whose work is transforming lives. Find out what it's like working here and what makes the Advanced Practice Provider Hematology/Oncology Fellowship program stand out from some of our team members below. 

Byron Allen, FNP
Bryon Allen, F.N.P.

Bryon Allen, F.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

“I manage the outpatient Hematology/Oncology APP team and work to balance administrative duties with my clinical responsibilities.

I started my practice at OHSU almost 20 years ago as a newly graduated APP on the inpatient BMT/leukemia service. Over the years, I’ve narrowed my clinical practice to focus mainly on patients with acute leukemia and really enjoy caring for our adolescent and young adult population. 

The part of my role that I enjoy most is building long-term relationships with our patients and their families, working with them through all the phases of their care. And procedures—I love to do procedures!

I chose to work at OHSU because of its reputation for providing high quality patient care. I appreciate working in an academic hospital where I have the opportunity to be involved in clinical trials that advance patient care and to be on the cutting edge of medicine. The people I work with and the support I receive from my colleagues sets OHSU apart.

My family and I love living in Portland because of the variety of outdoor activities we enjoy such as hiking, camping (really more glamping than camping), kayaking, and visiting the beach. Portland also has a thriving brewing industry which gives me inspiration for my hobby of home brewing.”


Reid Fillman, PA-C
Reid Fillman, PA-C

Reid Fillman, PA-C
Physician Assistant

“I work on the inpatient hematology oncology and bone marrow transplant team. I have found that working in this specialty is a perfect combination of high acuity, complex medicine but with the ability to connect with patients and their families on a personal level. Working in oncology, you never forget the humanistic side of medicine.

I chose to attend OHSU for PA school and later work at OHSU because of the welcoming environment. OHSU prides itself on fostering an inclusive environment, and from my experience, they have more than lived up to their reputation.

Outside of work, living in the Pacific Northwest is an outdoor adventure dream come true. I like to spend my time biking, hiking, and camping all year long.”


Carol Jacoby, FNP
Carol Jacoby, F.N.P.

Carol Jacoby, F.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

“I am a nurse practitioner on the inpatient Hematologic Malignancy team where I am able to care for a wide variety of challenging transplant and non-transplant patients. Our APPs are the primary point-persons for the day-to-day care of our patients, from admitting patients to the service, daily rounding with the MDs, addressing any issues that come up during the day, and ensuring patients are stable and prepared for discharge. There is never a dull moment!

The best part of my job is the people that I work with and care for. Everyone has a reason for being here, and we all bring something different to the table. I’ve worked in a lot of different areas in medicine as an RN and as an NP prior to coming to OHSU. I can say without a doubt that we make a difference in the lives of all of our patients. And despite being with the BMT program for over 20 years, I learn something every single day. The field of cellular therapy continues to expand beyond transplant with exciting new cutting edge therapies like CAR-T and gene editing technology.

I came to the transplant team when we were a small program with 9 beds, 3 MDs and 2 APPs. Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to help build a program that has grown to over 40 combined APPs and MDs and achieved national and international recognition. We have a great team of providers, nurses, pharmacists, research coordinators, and so many more.

Portland is a wonderful place to live. With the choice of mountains, ocean, and high desert all so close, it feels like a unique area in the U.S. There’s also amazing food culture, wineries and breweries, arts and entertainment!”


Caitlin Johnston, M.S., PA-C
Caitlin Johnston, M.S., PA-C

Caitlin Johnston, M.S., PA-C
Physician Assistant

“I am a medical oncology PA. I work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team to diagnose, treat and manage patients navigating a breast cancer diagnosis. My role is primarily clinical as I see patients for treatment day follow ups, clinical research visits, consultations, urgent triage and survivorship. I also love to precept OHSU PA students.

Working in oncology is meaningful, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. I lost my mom to leukemia and chose a career in oncology as a way to honor her memory with the hope of alleviating some burden from those impacted by cancer. It’s a privilege to get to know my patients and their families, to celebrate their victories and to sit with them in their grief.

I chose OHSU because of the opportunities available in academic medicine. I’m able to strengthen my clinical practice, work alongside world class clinicians and mentors, participate in cutting edge clinical research and, when I have the time, teach."


LaDonna L. Robey, N.P.
LaDonna L. Robey, N.P.

LaDonna L. Robey, N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

I am a nurse practitioner with the genitourinary cancer group that includes patients with prostate, bladder, testicular, and penile cancer as well as renal cell carcinoma. One day a week, I practice in an APP/MD shared clinic model where, in conjunction with the MD, I review restaging results with patients and lead treatment and transition-of-care discussions. The majority of my role is overseeing day-to-day treatment decisions and toxicity management. 

The thing that I love most about my job is our patients. Oncology providers are there, in the darkest of hours for patients and families, supporting, reassuring, and sometimes delivering hard, life-altering answers. The trust that is built between provider and patient is unlike any I have ever experienced. The resilience and fight that oncology patients display on a daily basis is inspiring. They inspire me to be the best person I can be, to cherish every moment I have with my family, and most of all, to not sweat the small stuff.

Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, I worked at OHSU as a nurse coordinator with the oncology group. I loved every second of working here! Working in an academic institution that is booming with energy makes every day exiting. The opportunity to learn new things is never ending.

Moving from my home in Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest at age 12 was a hard transition, but I soon realized this is the best place to be.  We have access to rivers, lakes, mountains, dessert, and the beach! What is there not to love?”


Jeff Donovan, P.A.
Jeff Donovan, PA-C

Jeff Donovan, PA-C
Physician Assistant

“I am part of the GI clinic team, where I take care of patients with a variety of GI cancers while they receive ongoing treatment. These treatments may include both standard of care and investigational regimens as part of clinical trials. 

At OHSU, I am part of a team delivering a very high level of patient care, but we’re also small enough that I feel very supported. It’s important for prospective fellows to know that our team is committed to providing a good experience, and that we are invested in you as a provider over the long term. You’re going to be able to see everything, both common and rare, with the support of an incredibly experienced faculty.

I am fascinated by the incredible range and complexity of cancer as a disease, and the constantly adapting nature of therapies used to combat it. I also enjoy working on a large team, and cancer care requires integration between many different team roles, as well as coordination between hospital departments.

Portland takes the best parts of a huge city in terms of arts and culture, but still manages to be very livable. It’s also in a great geographic location—you can spend the morning on the beach and the afternoon on top of a mountain.”


Andrea Gepner
Andrea Gepner, F.N.P.

Andrea Gepner, F.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

"I’m a nurse practitioner in the Outpatient Supportive Oncology and Palliative Medicine Clinic. In my role, I work primarily with patients with advanced cancer diagnoses and focus on maximizing their quality of life.

My work allows me to help make our patients lives a little better as they navigate their disease, whether that’s through symptom management or helping them understand what to expect, working through communication challenges, or making sure they know about available resources and support.

I’m lucky to work with a great team of nurses, APRN/PA and physician colleagues both in palliative care and oncology. At times, I also have the opportunity to precept medical residents who have interest in palliative care and to serve as an informal resource if questions come up regarding symptom management."


Rogelyn Harlan
Rogelyn Harlan, F.N.P.

Rogelyn Harlan, F.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

"As an advanced practice provider on the lung and head and neck cancer teams, the majority of my role encompasses treatment and toxicity management.

I enjoy the independence and multidisciplinary collaboration we have here.  “It takes a village” is a popular, often quoted adage.  However, it does take a village to provide optimal care to oncology patients as is evidenced through multidisciplinary tumor board conversations. I really enjoy being able to work with other disciplines—radiology, pathology, pulmonary, thoracic surgery, radiation oncology, research coordinators, nursing—to be able to provide the best care to patients.  

Although OHSU is a fairly large academic institution, the educational programs are small enough that you don’t get lost in the crowd. We have renowned faculty members who are eager to share their knowledge and train the next generation of practitioners.

One of the great things about Portland is that you don’t need to travel too far for an adventure. In most cases, you’ll find that what you’re looking for is nearby."


Dawn Rodgers, P.A.
Dawn Rodgers, PA-C

Dawn Rodgers, PA-C
Physician Assistant

"I love taking care of patients and feeling like I am part of a team invested in helping them through their cancer treatment and care. I’m inspired by the research being done here at OHSU, the high standards we have for patient care, and the compassion we give to our patients. This is what makes OHSU a special place and a good environment for learning.

I continue to grow in my role and the support I feel from my colleagues and the physicians I work with has pushed me to excel. Since 2016, I’ve presented the annual lecture to first-year PA students focused on lymphoma and myeloma which helps me develop my educational experience with new learners in this specialty.

Outside of work, there is so much to do in Portland year round. Some of my favorite things include hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, visiting the Oregon Coast and Central Oregon, trying new restaurants, and enjoying picnics at some of my favorite wineries in the Willamette Valley."


Paxton Stein, P.A.
Paxton Stein, PA-C

Paxton Stein, PA-C
Physician Assistant

“I chose to work in hematology/oncology/transplant because it is fast paced, high acuity and very rewarding. I enjoy both the patients and the science behind the diagnoses and treatments.

We have an outstanding group of providers—attending physicians, APPs, pharmacists, nurses, CNAs, social workers, case managers—everyone! I love the people that I work with and genuinely enjoy their company in addition to how well they care for patients.

I chose OHSU because it brought me back to the Pacific Northwest and it’s an exceptional academic institution in a city that suits me well. Plus, the panoramic views from 14K are difficult to beat, especially at sunrise.

Portland includes or is close to everything I love—the beach, the mountains, wine country, specialty coffee, unique bookstores, and more.”


A diverse and culturally competent workforce

OHSU is proud of our commitment to being an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action organization that does not discriminate on the basis of any protected class status, including disability status and protected veteran status.

People with diverse backgrounds and those who promote diversity and a culture of inclusion are encouraged to apply. To request reasonable accommodation, contact OHSU's Office of Civil Rights Investigations and Compliance (OCIC) at 503-494-5148 or


Email our team at any time:

Meet our team

Get to know Jessie Weiler, a nurse practitioner, and Diana Brewer, a physician assistant, at the Knight Cancer Institute, in our #FridayIntroductions series on Instagram.

Get to know Jessie Weiler, a nurse practitioner at the Knight Cancer Institute, in our #FridayIntroductions on Instagram

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Applications for the winter 2026 cohort will open in December.

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Get to know Lisa Pusateri, DNP, ACNP, a nurse practitioner at the Northwest Portland CHO clinic, and some of her team members who are “simply the best” on Instagram stories.

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