Our Committment

The OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion

It takes all of us

Derick Du Vivier, M.D.

When we set out to create this website, we had to really consider what we are about. We decided to dispense with the common phrase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We felt that inclusion assumes an “in” and an “out” group; an “us” and a “them.” In the OHSU School of Medicine, our focus is “us.” All of us.

OHSU has set out to train all 17,000 of our employees to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias; already more than half have taken the initial training and a student training is underway. Almost monthly, we are hosting lecturers who are defining the anti-racism agenda in academic medicine nationally. And the programs and initiatives we now offer, many the result of grassroots advocacy from students and trainees and the willingness of leaders to listen, are shifting the feel of our academic programs.

We’re not done. Through intentional effort, our student body is growing increasingly diverse; but we must do more to attract and retain diverse faculty members. We are on that path, and we invite you to join us. 

Derick Du Vivier, M.D.,
OHSU Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
Assistant Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
OHSU School of Medicine

Our commitment

The School of Medicine is explicitly committed to:

  • Increasing the diversity of its student body for those from rural environments, under-represented racial groups and those who have experienced significant disadvantage or adversity.
  • Increasing diversity among our faculty ranks.
  • Supporting learners, faculty and staff with resources and an inclusive culture. 

We consider a wide range of life experiences as part of diversity, including rural heritage, economic background, sexual orientation, culture and belief systems, and hardships accessing educational opportunities.