Graduate Student Peer Network

The Graduate Student Peer Network's mission is to promote an inclusive environment by connecting incoming students from underrepresented backgrounds with returning students who share similar backgrounds.

The program matches incoming Ph.D. or Master's students in the SOM, SOPH, or SON, or a post baccalaureate program to provide additional support. One of the unique goals of this program is to match incoming students from underrepresented in medicine and science -including racial/ethnic minorities, first-generation students, LGBTQ+, and other identities - to peers that can relate to those specific identities.

The program is meant to provide additional support above and beyond what is offered by individual departments for students who may not have peers who share their lived experiences within the department.

Mentors will be provided with strong guidance and resources throughout the program and are expected to reach out to their mentee(s) by email once per month.

Sign up as a peer mentor or mentee by September 22, 2021.