The Shutter Lecture

Dr. Shutter

Dr. Lillian Shutter graduated with the class of 1932 of the University of Oregon School of Medicine, now the Oregon Health & Science School of Medicine. Dr. Shutter had a distinguished career practicing medicine in California and wrote numerous articles on the effects of various drug regimens on different therapy modalities. During her lifetime, Dr. Shutter established the Shutter Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of her mother, who inspired her to go to medical school. Scholarship recipients were to be deserving female students of the medical school. She viewed these women as "her" students and treasured the letters that she received from them. Funds from Dr. Shutter's estate were designated to support an annual lectureship in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Oregon Health & Science University.

Past speakers

2018 David R. Liu, Ph.D.
Richard Merkin Professor and Director of the Merkin Institute for Transformative Technologies in Healthcare
"Base Editing: Chemistry on a Target Nucleotide in the Genome of Living Cells"

2016 Barbara Imperiali, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Protein Glycosylation: Pathways and Processes"

2015 James A. Wells, Ph.D. 
Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California, San Francisco
Member of the National Academy of Sciences

"Drug Discovery at Challenging Targets"

2013 Benjamin Cravatt, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Chemical Physiology
Scripps Research Institute

Benjamin Cravatt III - Wikipedia
"Activity-bases proteomics - applications for enzyme and inhibitor discovery"

2011 Laura L. Kiessling, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin

"Sending Signals from Surface: New Strategies for Stem Cell Propagation and Differentiation"

2009 John Katzenellenbogen, PH.D.
Professor of Chemistry
University of Illinois

"Estrogen Receptors: Structure, Function, and In VivoImaging of Receptor and Receptor Activity"

2008 Kevan Shokat, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice-Chair
Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology
University of California, San Francisco
Member of the National Academy of Sciences

"Chemical Genetic Analysis of the PI3K-mTOR Pathway"

2007 Peter Schultz, Ph.D.
Scripps Professor of Chemistry
Scripps Research Institute
Member of the National Academy of Sciences
Founder of the California Institute for Biomedical Research 

Peter G. Schultz - Wikipedia
"Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology"