Refer a Patient for Rehabilitation Care

An OHSU physical therapist stands in an OHSU rehabilitation facility while another person does an exercise.
Lindsay Brown is a physical therapist and board-certified orthopedic physical therapist. She specializes in sports medicine.

OHSU Rehabilitation Services offers expert care for a wide range of needs. Our therapists:

  • Provide the latest treatments, including ones designed for women and children.
  • Use state-of-the art technology.
  • Have access to new research and clinical findings.
  • Specialize in multiple areas.
  • Treat patients at several locations in Portland and Beaverton.

We look forward to working with you and your patient.

Protocols for clinicians

These protocols and best-practice guidelines belong to OHSU Health. OHSU Health coordinates care across OHSU, Hillsboro Medical Center and Adventist Health Portland. Each OHSU Health location provides and bills for care separately.

We share this information to help clinicians understand OHSU Health’s standards of care. This information does not replace medical advice from physical therapists or other health care professionals.

Continuing education

Learn about conferences, online training and other ways to continue your professional development.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials allow patients to try a new test or treatment.