Learning Communities to Improve Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs

OCCYSHN supports learning communities to help health and service providers throughout the state learn from one another. Using video conferencing technology, participants discuss practice situations involving caring for children and youth with special health needs (CYSHCN). They brainstorm with each other about how best to approach a situation or case. Over time they build knowledge that can be applied in their work every day. Everybody teaches, and everybody learns!

Shared care planning

This learning community for the public health workforce meets monthly to improve team-based care for CYSHCN.  Through practice situations, participants build knowledge and confidence in shared care planning for children with special health care needs. They also focus on shared care planning for youth and young adults who are transitioning to adult health care.  The learning community meets virtually on the third Thursday of each month from 9am-10am.  Read more about about shared care planning.

Piloting Act.MD for Care Coordination Teams (PACCT)

PACCT learning community members are piloting the use of an innovative cloud-based care coordination platform called Act.MD.  Community-based care coordination teams led by public health providers meet regularly. Teams work with OCCYSHN to strengthen their care coordination processes for children and youth with special health care needs. PACCT uses the ECHO knowledge-sharing model developed out of the University of New Mexico to frame their work.