Community-Based Autism Identification Teams

The ACCESS project

The ACCESS Project: An Overview

ACCESS stands for Assuring Comprehensive Care through Enhanced Service Systems for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and other Development Disabilities. The primary goal of the ACCESS Project was to establish a single, valid, and timely process in the local community to determine both educational eligibility for autism services and a medical diagnosis for children up to age five. The project supported building local medical-education ASD identification teams, which aligned with the recommendations of the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (OCASD) and its subcommittee on Screening, Identification, and Assessment.

The ACCESS Project was funded by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration from 2013-2016. Several of the teams it generated found ways to sustain their work after the project ended. ASD Identification Teams currently serve in Clatsop, Coos-Curry, Jackson, Josephine, Union, and Wasco counties. OCCYSHN continues to support their work.

For more information, contact Marilyn Berardinelli, Systems and Workforce Development Manager.

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