The Portland metro area has a dynamic and easily accessible transit system known as TriMet, which includes buses, light rail trains, streetcar trolleys, and a aerial tram. Visit the TriMet website for trip planning and to learn more

MAX light rail

The MAX light rail maintains 84 stations and 52 miles of track that connects to city, surrounding region and airport every 15 minutes every day. Tickets and passes are available from the self-service ticket machines located at Max, WES and Streetcar stations. MAX and WES machines sell 2½-Hour Tickets, 1-Day Passes, 7-Day Passes, 14-Day Passes and 30-Day Passes, pre-validated for immediate use.

There are four main Max Lines, all of which intersect through downtown Portland.

  • Blue Line (Hillsboro/City Center/Gresham)
  • Green Line (Clackamas/City Center/PSU)
  • Red Line (Airport/City Center/Beaverton)
  • Yellow Line (Expo Center/City Center/PSU)

Portland streetcar

Portland modern streetcar travels every 14 minutes from Northwest Portland through downtown to Portland State University along the NS line.

A second line intersects at Willamette River at the Broadway Bridge and travels to the Lloyd District, Rose Quarter, Oregon Convention Center, and stops at OMSI.

The streetcar machines sell TriMet 2-Hour Tickets and Adult 1-Day Passes, as well as Streetcar-only 2-Hour Tickets.


TriMet buses serve the Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. All buses are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with bike racks.

Aerial tram

The tram (also known as the sky tram), connects the Portland South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. The lower station is located by the Center for Health and Healing on the SW waterfront and the upper station is located in the OHSU hospital.

Portland prides itself as having the nation's highest percentage (7%) of biking commuters, with 315 miles of designated bikeways.

Visit The Portland Bureau of Transportation for information on biking routes, and state and city laws.

For information about biking with children, helmet resources, and more check out the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Bike website.

When you first arrive

You must have a current international driver's license to legally drive in the U.S. when you first arrive.

Oregon driver's license

To obtain an Oregon Driver's License, you must pass written and behind–the-wheel driving tests given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For more information on driving a vehicle in Oregon, please visit the DMV website.

Car Sharing: There are 4 car-sharing vehicle service providers in Portland, making trips around the city and surround regions easier if you do not have a car. Visit the following websites for more information:


See the OHSU employee discount for Zipcar




Buying a vehicle

If you own a car in the State of Oregon, you must register it with DMV.

You must also pass a Department of Environmental Quality Emissions Test every two years if your car is more than three years old.

You must purchase car insurance.

If you have children, this guide on road safety for parents contains information about car seats and safe driving tips for teenagers.

Disclaimer: This list is provided as an information service only. It is not an exhaustive list of services or companies and is not an endorsement by OHSU of any company listed.